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It can be difficult for anyone to get everything you need from their diet and lifestyle to be healthy. This can be doubly true for people like female tennis players with careers that will often leave little free time and incorporate a lot of travel. From strange cuisines to too much time out of the sun, many supplements can aid these athletes in their quest for perfect health. However, some supplements can come dangerously close to doping or performance-enhancing, which can be illegal in the sport, so players must be careful what they take and how much.

Vitamin D

A very common supplement, vitamin D tablets, can help people who don’t have enough sunlight to absorb calcium and ensure strong bones. While it sounds silly that tennis players may be among those in need, given that most games are played outside, these athletes must have the best bones possible to avoid injury. Also, circumstances may mean that a player has to spend a lot of time travelling or indoors and therefore, vitamin D can be a great health supplement.


Another popular supplement for many people is Iron. Iron is a key element in ensuring that a body is healthy, allowing oxygen to be delivered efficiently to cells. A lack of Iron can make people feel tired, perform worse and get sick more easily. This supplement is more likely to be needed in women, specifically pregnant or athletic women like tennis players. Still, your levels of Iron must be carefully monitored to make sure you don’t have too much or too little at any point.


As stated above, strong and healthy bones are so important for athletes like female tennis players to be at their best and not get injured. A lack of calcium in the bones can lead to thinning or becoming brittle, with serious health consequences and career setbacks. A calcium supplement can add to your diet to ensure you get all the calcium needed to stay healthy.

WTA-sponsored supplements

The Women’s Tennis Association is tasked with ensuring the success of their athletes and their health and well-being. There are many supplements they provide through partners free of charge to female tennis players to add to their diet and try and promote health. From probiotics to aid in healthy digestion to vitamin C and the supplements mentioned above together in various mixtures and amounts, there are many options available to help women stay active, healthy and safe. However, each athlete is solely responsible for what they put in their body, and it is important to know what is not allowed and what might get you disqualified from taking part in a tournament. So if ever you dream of making it big in your career so that people can find your name and bet on the Australian Open Women’s singles, you best make sure you are playing by the rules and only take natural supplements. Otherwise, you may find your tennis career come to a grinding halt. 

While there are many supplements that female athletes can take for many reasons, it is usually safest wherever possible to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and try not to take anything that might have adverse effects on your mind, body or career. Be sure to ask your doctor if you are in any doubt whatsoever.