VFX fat loss system


VFX Body Fat Loss System, otherwise known as the Venus Factor, is a regime created by health coach and fitness fanatic, John Barban.

Diets pop up all the time all over the world in different shapes and different sizes. People are constantly looking to start a diet and stick at it. They want something that will garner rapid results so that they can lose weight fast, with minimal effort and look good at the end of it. However, people don’t always necessarily want that change in lifestyle.

The VFX Body Fat Loss System combines the two elements. It claims to be able to help you lose ‘stubborn weight’ (a phrase repeated a lot across a majority of diet programs), in just twelve weeks. Twelve weeks seems slightly more realistic and definitely a healthier time scale than for example, three weeks, which is what other diets claim. 

Key Features of the VFX Body Fat Loss System

  • Created for women
  • 12 week program
  • No pills/supplements
  • Healthy diet
  • Exercises
  • Lots of resources 

What is the VFX Body Fat Loss System?

The VFX Body Fat Loss System is a diet program that was created to help women lose weight, get healthy and tone up. It is specifically for women, which means that it is tailored towards their muscle needs and dietary requirements. The aim of the program is to get you into the shape that is right for your body. How it does that is by using the right foods explicitly tailored for you, and exercises tailored for you to control metabolism and how you gain weight through rebalancing the hormones connected to such systems.

It is based on a diet created by John Barban, the Venus Factor Diet. The diet takes into consideration:

  • Your height
  • Your age
  • Your weight
  • Your body shape
  • Your fitness levels

The Body Fat Loss System then uses all of these facts to show you what YOUR body needs, not someone else’s. Therefore, the diet program is bespoke to you. There are very clear and concise regulations and guidelines that must be followed in order to get the right specifics, otherwise, the diet will become null and void rapidly and not get the results it promises (i.e., amazing weight loss). 

The VFX system promises results in twelve weeks. This is a reasonable amount of time to lose weight in. Whether or not the amount of weight that is promised to drop off is realistic or not, is up to you. There are enough people who have followed the system to prove that the weight does drop off, as promised. However, there is a question as to whether or not this is healthy.

It is never considered overly good for the body to lose rapid amounts of weight at a time as your body can suffer a whole manner of different side effects as a result of said weight loss.

After purchasing the VFX Body Fat Loss System, you will receive the following:

  • A nutrition calculator
  • Access to a supportive blog.
  • Motivation and exercise videos
  • An in-depth instructional manual 

Creator: John Barban

Unlike some other types of popular diets, the creator of the VFX Body Fat Loss System is a real person with a real business and real ideas. He has an extensive, verifiable educative history and career progression that can be tracked as well.

  • University of Guelph graduate
  • Degree in Human Biology and Nutrition
  • Masters in Human Biology
  • Varsity Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Guelph
  • Graduate in ‘Exercise Physiology’ from the University of Florida
  • Professor and Researcher at the University of Florida
  • Creator of various diet and exercise programs

Barban has a substantial online presence, and even has his own website and Twitter handle as demonstrated below:



Alongside these attributes, there are several video features of John Barban online. He seems to partake in a fair few interviews and videos around his products and their trajectories. A few are listed here, but this list is not extensive:

Having an online presence is a natural thing, and an excellent way to accelerate your business goals and reach a wider range of people. It seems natural that anyone promoting such an idea would be promoting it online and defending it against critics if they truly believed in what they were selling. Barban seems to tick these boxes. 

Pros of the VFX Body Fat Loss System 

Rapid Weight Loss

This can be seen as a positive thing. The program says it will help you lose weight, and that it will help you lose that weight quickly. Twelve weeks to be exact. This is a big advantage for people living in this fast-paced and modern world. As discussed before, people want quick results and soon grown impatient if they cannot attain this.

Twelve weeks is no time at all, just enough time in fact for the body to start adjusting properly to the changes you are making. 

Healthy Lifestyle Change

As with a lot of diets, there is bound to be a change in lifestyle that comes with undertaking your new endeavor. The same can absolutely be said of the VFX Body Fat Loss System. The healthy lifestyle changes are an absolutely positive thing for anybody, but especially those people who may have been particularly struggling with their unhealthy lifestyles before deciding to make a change.

There is a change in diet, healthy foods, and correct proportions to name a few. But there is also a change in daily activity in the sense that exercise is absolutely encouraged and a large part of the successful outcome of the program. Aside from the obvious physical changes that are undeniably for the better, there is bound to be a change in your mental health as well.

Your mental health will improve with the healthy food and exercise, and as you start to see changes in your physical appearance and achieving your goals, your mental health will just keep on getting better and better.

Resources to Stay Motivated

Starting any new diet is hard. Nobody is suggesting otherwise. A lot of people fail in the early stages, even after the first day in fact. This is normal and happens more than you would think. Such changes, especially if they are quite drastic in your own life, are bound to be hard and arduous.

It is a big enough decision to choose to make these changes in itself, following through and seeing it to completion is just too overwhelming in a lot of cases. So, the good thing about the VFX Body Fat Loss System is that you are a part of a wider community of people who are in the same boat as you and who have decided to make the same, positive changes.

You can talk to each other for guidance, inspiration, and motivation. Not only this, but there are videos to inspire you and keep you going as well. Having a sense of togetherness can often contribute to the varying degrees of success that people experience. 



The system, though on offer from time to time, has been criticized for being a money making machine. As with any product, you have to pay for what you are buying. Otherwise, how would the creator make any money?

Some people think it shouldn’t be about the money, but then it would not be a business. There is actually very little information about the system before you make a purchase unless you have trawled through reviews and done some digging on the internet to grasp what information you can about it.

Therefore, for a lot of people, putting a larger amount of money down on something such as this can be quite the gamble and ultimately sway their decision in terms of them deciding against making a purchase and undertaking the program. 

Rapid Weight Loss

Yes, this is both a con and a pro. Rapid weight loss is not always the best thing for your body. It can, in fact, be massively unhealthy especially if you are undertaking the diet for the wrong reasons and you don’t actually have that much weight to lose healthily.

Your body can go into shock, and you may develop issues with fatigue, concentration, digestive issues, headaches, and low blood sugar. It is often better to introduce changes gently into your body, rather than bombarding it with a whole new way of living and expecting it to catch up without any fall out as a result. 

What people say

As with any diet program, there are a bundle of mixed reviews. Some people absolutely swear by the VFX Body Fat Loss system and recommend it above anything else that they have ever tried, but of course, you have the opposite end of the spectrum as well.

Below are just a few examples of the reviews from alleged clients:

The general consensus

The general themes from the reviews are that:

  1. The VFX Body Fat Loss System doesn’t seem like a scam: The VFX Body Fat Loss System doesn’t appear to be a scam. What scam means in this context is a money-making device that offers false promises.

    There is a legitimate scientific reasoning behind the making of the diet. There are reviews and interviews with the creator. Though yes, it is costly, with that cost comes a community of people and peers to help you stay motivated and stick at the diet.

    There is no reason apart from the way that the product is sometimes marketed, which can be similar to those of the fad diets that are just trying to rip you off, to suggest that this is necessarily any form of major scam. It is just a bit on the expensive side. 

  2. It is not as unhealthy as some diets out there: Unlike some fad diets, there is no promise of a dramatic ten-kilo weight loss in 14 days. Slightly dramatic, granted, but not far off the claims of some diets out there.

    The diet seems to, though at a slightly accelerated rate, take the body’s needs into consideration more and offer a slightly lengthier program for you to adapt and begin to lose weight. It is not necessarily focused on low calorie and low carb intake, it is instead catered specifically to what your body needs.

    The recipes are tailored to you and tell you exactly what you will need to eat and when you will need to eat it as per what exercise you are doing. Though not the healthiest way to lose weight, it certainly encourages a more healthy lifestyle and therefore healthier future for the person undertaking it.

  3. There is a legitimate creator: This is a big deal and a key point to keep in mind. Having been able to verify the creator and founder of the VFX Body Fat Loss system and see other diets he has created, on top of his educative and career history, attribute to the overall positive feedback surrounding the VFX Body Fat Loss system. Lots of other crash diets and diet regimes lack this, which makes them a bit less believable and a bit more scam like. 


The VFX Body Fat Loss system seems legitimate. It promises results in twelve weeks, and it seems to achieve them. This is more time than other popular diets that you have to pay for the pleasure of partaking in. It is a much more realistic time frame in which you can expect to lose weight and see the results of healthy and positive lifestyle and diet changes.

People are encouraged to make a purchase in order to gain access to the full program and cater the diet specifically to them. Only then will you be able to get the full potential of the product. Without making a purchase, you are just toying with an idea.

There is a whole online community of people partaking in the program to keep you motivated and focused on staying on track with your goals. Not all programs have this, and it is an important and key feature, as having that community feel and extra support can often be the thing that pushes people over the mountain and keeps them on track and staying true to what they want to achieve.

All in all, though a little bit on the expensive side and not entirely the best way to go about losing weight, as any rapid weight loss is inadvisable, the VFX Body Fat Loss system seems legitimate and productive.