Coffee is one of the infusions chosen by people around the world at breakfast, snack and even after meals. Coffee has become a great companion for different important moments in daily life. It does not matter if the occasion is a family breakfast, a meeting with friends or the perfect ally for a job interview, this infusion is present in people’s routines and there is an interesting variety for every palate.

Coffee has suffered criticism over time, but in recent years, some benefits have been discovered and its reputation has grown significantly, as coffee has gained followers around the world and Seattle is no exception.

This city is known for the numerous attractions it offers for locals and tourists, but it is popular for its rain, as there is a myth that it rains all the time. One of the attractions is drinking coffee, as this city is more than the home of the first Starbucks. This is a place full of coffee aromas and stories, and if you plan to visit this city, you must include this drink on your food tour Seattle.

The History of Coffee in Seattle

The coffee is part of a traditional food tour Seattle because this city was the first home of Starbucks when this famous business opened its doors in the 1970s. Currently the firm is one of the most important and recognized in the world, but the love for This drink in Seattle goes beyond this brand.

The city’s humid climate turned coffee into the inhabitants’ best ally because it worked like a warm caress that comforted everyone who tried it. Each cup of coffee reflects the spirit of the city, and the special places that sell coffee have become true icons synonymous with meetings and gatherings. These are places where you can enjoy a delicious and hot drink and you can contemplate the most wonderful views of the city.

Seattle is full of places to grab a cup of coffee, from the well-known Starbucks to innovative and modern coffee shops. They all have an interesting story to tell. The stores don’t just sell coffee, they sell experiences, experiences, a piece of the city and the coffee culture.

The coffee culture reflects the city’s inhabitants: vibrant, warm, unique, innovative and with a fixed goal that is community before all. In Seattle, not only is coffee celebrated as the city’s quintessential drink, but in Seattle, coffee is synonymous with human connection and creativity.

The Best Coffee Shops in Seattle

If you plan a food tour Seattle, there are some unmissable places such as cafes.


First on the list may be Starbucks. In Seattle, this store has a particularity because it is not about you having a quick coffee, but this store provides a complete sensory experience because you can observe the journey of the coffee beans from the roaster to your cup and you can also Try beers with original flavors.

Elm Coffee Roasters is also a great option for all coffee lovers. This is an elegant site and the details play a fundamental role here. Each grade is carefully sourced and roasted. This is a minimalist place and offers excellent coffee.

If you want a unique experience, you should go to Slate Coffee because this place not only serves coffee, but in this store, they innovate with the basic components and each cup has three parts: espresso, milk drink and sparkling water. This is a unique experience for your palate.

Finally, Milstead & Co is the perfect place if you prefer to search for treasures and hidden corners in the cities. Under the Aurora Bridge is this site known for its interesting and wide variety of coffee beans from the best roasters in the country. An important fact is that the people who work on this site are passionate about coffee and they love to share their knowledge about this drink and you can learn a lot about it.

Some Benefits of Coffee

Coffee has managed to achieve a good reputation over the years and, after specialists carried out some studies on this drink, it has been determined that coffee is healthy.

1)    Fiber: coffee has fiber and the value of this depends on the type of coffee, for example, if it is filtered, espresso or instant coffee. This means that a cup of coffee can provide more fiber than a glass of orange juice;

2)    Heart and heart disease: specialists from the University of Southampton analyzed people who drank coffee for a long period of time and they discovered that coffee is beneficial for heart health because coffee reduces the chances of suffering from strokes or diseases cardiac;


3)    Concentration: coffee is associated with long days of work or study. The substance that helps concentration is caffeine and this substance improves attention span, facilitates wakefulness and improves reaction time.

Excess caffeine is not good because it can generate nerves or excitement and this decreases performance;

4)    Longevity: people who drink coffee regularly are likely to have longer lives according to studies carried out.

Seattle has become the birthplace of coffee, first with Starbucks and then with an interesting coffee offering that fills the city’s streets and welcomes hundreds of people every day. The current coffee proposal is oriented towards the community and this is a reflection of the love that the inhabitants have for coffee.

If you travel to Seattle, you should know that there are many places and attractions that you can visit, but your stay will probably be invaded by the smell and taste of a delicious coffee because the coffee culture vibrates in the veins of the city.