In a world where we are surrounded by the stuff operating on zeros and ones (I mean the technology), it is an uphill battle to keep your children away from them.

Smartphones, tablets, and more are deemed as a threat to mental well-being and all the other problems it accompanies. In fact, Forbes quoted that according to a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics, it’s found that the screen time of children especially toddlers is directly linked to their development.

On the flip side, we, as a parent, can’t completely nullify the fact that the technology has to go side by side but… In a balanced way.

What’s that ‘balanced way’? Join me as we explore how the same tech can help you save your child from the adverse effects often linked to the same technology.

Controlled Access to Certain Applications

You might have experienced that whenever you take away their phone or tablet, they start to cry like a little roaring storm in the house. Well, next time, don’t take it away.

Use that screen time to their benefit.

That’s how I do it: the same developers who have built these shooting games children are addicted to have built other educational games and brain puzzles that help in healthy brain development. I reward them with 15 minutes of their favorite game after they are done solving puzzles for 30 minutes.

Either you can use a restricted usage app on your phone or contact your ISP that can give you access to parental controls. ISPs like Windstream Internet offer free parental control that helps you restrict access to certain sites and applications.

Anyhow, you can replicate this too. Taking their addiction away is not the solution because it won’t work, coupling it with a healthy activity is.

Overcoming the Communication Barrier When Away

While you can post your sun-bathing photos on your Instagram, social media certainly provides a way to keep communication alive with your children when you are away.

Also, you can keep an eye on their social media activity when you are connected. Yeah, I too am guilty of being a stalker but for the greater good.


Apart from the social media apps the advancement in the field of tech has provided us with ways to communicate flawlessly. If you’re an Apple user then in a blink of an eye you can FaceTime your children to know what they are up to today.

The video calling is just one part of the bigger possibilities. In the family WhatsApp group, they can share what they did in the day, their achievements, or if they’re having problems with anything. On Instagram groups, you can share memes and reels to share a smile.

Certainly, there is a positive aspect to the negatively termed social media.

Monitoring Health and Activities

Well, this one is particular for school-age children.

If your children have grown up but they are more likely a couch potato, it’s not good for their health. However, you can give them a reason to step out of their comfort zone with a gift that sits on their wrist, tracking their health and activities: a smartwatch.

These smartwatches can track their steps, locations, sleep activity, and whatnot. It’s a great piece to help with your children’s safety and motivate them for a healthy activity.

Pro tip: Use the same reward system to build their habit of more physical activity. Whenever they complete their step count, reward them with their favorite food or let them play their favorite game.


With these fitness trackers, you can track their sleep too. In the case of issues, take the necessary steps or consult with a health practitioner.

Make Your Home Child Safe

The times we live in have a significant association with the IoT (Internet of Things). IoT is basically the interconnectivity of the smart gadgets in our lives. From your phone to the smart TV, light bulbs to door locks, almost everything is connected.

Circling back to parenting, IoT can help you keep your children safe.

Smart home devices can keep a check on your toddlers when you are asleep. Movement trackers can help you keep your children in bed at night. Not just the children, the alarms coupled with movement trackers will notify you in case an unwanted person tries to trespass on your property.

The teenage children are definitely not gonna like these, but it’s for their best. No more sneaking out at night and you can have peace of mind.

The Bottom Line

Everything including technology has two aspects. One is positive, and the other is not so positive. It comes down to the balance. While it surely can disturb your or your children’s health, finding that sweet spot of equilibrium is the way to go.