What is Keto Tone?

Keto tone is a fairly new diet supplement in pill form to take alongside the keto. It should be taken twice a day but, and here is the important part, only alongside the keto diet. If not, it loses its effectiveness massively and there soon becomes no point as you will not see the results you are hoping for.

These pills might be the things that enable you to stay motivated and to see rapid weight loss results at a rate that you want to see it. There have been many reports of increased weight loss from using these supplements, especially again alongside the keto diet.

Weight loss is one of the primary motivators for people following the keto diet. Keto tone is used to burn fat faster than the body can unaided, and burn fat rather than the body burning carbohydrates, this is what the creators claim. The product is still fairly new and there doesn’t appear to be a lot of testing that has been done or in fact reviews.

The main question is this – does keto tone work or is keto tone a scam? Like so many other diet pills, the word scam comes into play a lot. Are the reviews fake? Did people even try these pills? You may find yourself asking such questions as a result of, well, no results from taking such supplements! We done a step-by-step on how to use Keto Tone and the type of food to eat while being on the keto diet.

What is the ketogenic diet?

keto diet

The Keto diet (or ketogenic diet), works by lowering the overall carbohydrate intake into the body and raising fat intake, good fats, not sugary fats. Sugar is a big no, no alongside carbohydrates such as root vegetables and bread (yes that means bye, bye to high carbohydrate pizza).

The Keto diet puts the body into a state of ketosis, which in turn relays a higher fat burning activity because of the low levels of carbohydrates in the body. The fat is burnt for energy in place of the carbohydrates; therefore weight will fly off you more quickly than when trying to burn off the more tricky carbohydrates.

Therefore if partaking in a keto diet, you will be staying away from foods with high carbohydrate content such as potatoes and bread and moving towards alternatives with higher fat and sometimes protein content such as butter (full fat), cream and eggs. Sounds delicious, right?

The focus is on ‘good’ fats, not ones that are high in sugar. That is not to say that you can’t partake in a delicious snack such as an avocado, full fat cheese, nuts or dark chocolate while on this diet, as those are highly recommended foods for the keto diet.

A common motivating factor given from people who decide to begin on the keto diet is that they want to lose weight. This diet is famous for helping people lose excess weight more quickly than other, more traditional diets. It does this is in a way that is more  scientific than other diets, and when coupled with a good exercise routine, can become a way of living that you will never look back on.

It is a good, effective, positive and healthy way to lose weight quickly and has been tried and tested various ways and times. There are similar diets out there such as the Atkins diet, but keto is generally regarded as healthier and better for your body and mind.

Some of the health benefits that come from following the keto diet include:

keto diet
  • Faster and more sustainable weight loss.
  • Improved brain functions and concentrations.
  • A decrease in bloating and indigestion.
  • Skin improvements.
  • Sleep improvements.
  • A better endurance. (I.e. regarding exercise and daily routine).

These are just a portion of a larger list, and there are of course more benefits that can come from following this diet. It is increasingly popular all over the U.S and in fact the world. Many doctors and physicians are getting behind the research and supporting the ketogenic diet for patients who need to lose weight for health reasons such as obesity and diabetes.

It is intended as and certainly does become a change in lifestyle and not just a change in diet. However, don’t be fooled by all the benefits and claims of miracles. The keto diet, and especially the first few months, is hard. It will put you through your paces. That is why having a supplement to take alongside it, even if it is for a short while, will more likely increase your chances of success. Not only success in sticking at the diet, but success in changing your lifestyle as well.

There are numerous ways to do this, many meal plan options alongside regular exercise, and a number of supplements as well. One of the greatest things about the keto diet, unlike so many other diets out there, is that you never have to feel hungry. There is always a full fat meal you can eat or a tasty snack to be had. You definitely will not be starving yourself!

Does Keto Tone Work?

Well the answer, and again as with any diet supplement product, seems to be as per pertains the individual who takes it. It may work for some people, if the reviews and testimonies are to be tested, yet not so much for others.

There was a similar trend with acai berries. This also garnered similar controversy and questioning. Again, there was science behind the product, yet not quite enough to back up what it was saying for everyone.

However, bearing that in mind, the keto diet is certainly not a trend. Yes it may be relatively new in terms of how popular it is and the interest that it is gaining, but it is a tried and tested method that has been around for a long time. The science behind the diet backs up the diet tenfold and it really does get the desired results if followed correctly and stuck at instead of casting aside.

Diet supplements are there to get results faster. Keto Tone’s purpose is exactly this. The motivation and reason for taking keto tone is to accelerate weight loss while following the keto diet. It claims to help the body burn fat more rapidly than the body could unassisted. Take two pills before your keto meal, and it is really as easy as that.

There are lots of free trials or discounted first bottle offers available on the internet after a quick search. This may be a great way to try and see if the pills work for you. There is often a thirty day trial period with these things to see how the body adapts, if you suffer any adverse side effects, and if the desired effects actually happen.

Is Keto Tone a scam?

As with anything, there has been controversy around the Keto Tone product. Is it a scam? That is a major question on people’s lips. Is Keto Tone a scam, well the answer is subjective to the individual.

Some people may say that is a scam because they do not get the results that they wanted. They didn’t start taking it and miraculously lose 28 stone in a week. However, does this mean that the whole premise for the product is fake? Not necessarily. What it could mean is that the people taking the diet supplement are doing so without following the keto diet.

The two go hand in hand as mentioned above. The keto diet can function independently of the keto supplements such as keto tone, but there is insufficient evidence to suggest that the keto tone supplement can provide the desired results without following the keto diet. Therefore the word scam gets thrown around a lot by people not following the lifestyle correctly therefore inevitably not achieving their weight loss goals.

The Keto Tone pill is made of natural ingredients, most of which are tailored towards either speeding up the metabolism in the body or enabling the body to more efficiently burn fat. Therefore, the science behind these natural ingredients seems to suggest that the product cannot be called a scam. It would suggest in fact that the ingredients should through all intents and purposes, work efficiently alongside the keto diet.


Time will tell whether or not Keto Tone is a money making mechanism scam rather than an actual supplement for the body to gain control and find success with the ketogenic diet.

Keto Tone is intended as a diet supplement, not for use on its own. If taken while following the keto diet, there is no reason to not see weight loss results at the desired rate. Some people have claimed that it helped them burn off fat and lose weight more quickly, some people claim the opposite (i.e. that it did absolutely nothing at all for them whatsoever).

 You never know until you try it, and the keto diet is a great way to become healthier over a long term period not just for a short while. Though of course, it may help you lose weight quickly, you will only keep that weight at bay if you make keto your lifestyle.