Are you suffering from minor discomfort, chronic pain, or ailment, or do you think you might need surgery to help with pain in the foot or ankle? This guide will give you information on how to seek medical help from medical professionals in this field.

In the world, there are many people who suffer from foot and ankle problems or pain in silence. There are many people who don’t know where to turn to try and fix the problems they have, and it can cause not only extra stress but a lot of pain and suffering, and even, in some cases, time off work, which in turn can add the stress of losing money.

There are many people who suffer in silence with many foot and ankle issues, such as sports injuries, accidents, and many issues related to foot and ankles, but there are specialists in your area who can help and ease the burden and pain.

One of the leading foot and ankle specialists is Christopher Sakowski, MD, and along with his team, they offer first-class treatment for all walks of life, no matter your injury or issue. With extensive experience and knowledge, they can help many sufferers, from office workers with repetitive strain to athletes with ongoing issues or injuries to the elderly suffering from chronic pain. Look no further for the very best treatment in your area.


Services Offered

  • Ankle fracture fixation – offering specialized care to help healing time and ligament healing.
  • Foot Surgery – using top-class technology to help fix many foot injuries or issues.
  • Ankle Surgery – Encouraging quick recovery, only the newest cutting-edge technology can speed up healing time.
  • Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy – due to the experience and knowledge built, diagnosing foot and ankle pain is much quicker and treated with minimal pain and tissue damage.
  • Ankle Replacement – replacing a patient’s pain with a better way of life and better ankle mobility.
  • Bunion Correction – using minimally invasive techniques, this treatment provides the least amount of pain and discomfort to patients suffering from this issue.
  • Ligament Reconstruction –restoring stability to the ankle using ligament reconstruction enables any patient suffering from this issue to regain quality of life and resume most normal day-to-day activities.

If you have been suffering from any of the ailments or injuries above, contact the office to make an appointment to chat with one of the specialist teams today and start on the road to recovery.

Each of the procedures offered is carried out professionally, with the utmost care and precision. In turn, this promotes quicker healing time with the least amount of discomfort and pain. All staff are knowledgeable and highly trained professionals who only have your best interests and needs in mind, boosting a high reputation of helping people in Dallas with all types of foot and ankle injuries and discomfort.

To make an appointment or chat with one of the team, visit for more information, the staff are there to help and ease your mind of any worries or concerns you may have.