What is Weight Destroyer?

If you are looking to lose either a few pounds or a lot of pounds, no doubt you will have researched numerous diets and weight-loss plans, many of which include a quick fix or a gimmick.  You may have considered restrictive diets, questionable medications, a range of supplements or precise calorie counting, all of which may do more harm than good to your body and may additionally be counterproductive to your weight loss goal.

Instead of listening to the latest celebrity craze, try going back to basics and listening to your body.  Weight Destroyer is a total wellness guide which does just that, providing an easy set of guidelines founded purely in biology.  Aiming to enable you to reach your optimal health, Weight Destroyer is customizable for your own body and seeks to revolutionize your wellbeing.

The strongest advocate of Weight Destroyer is Michael Wren, a man who was given 6 months to live due to being obese.  Michael’s nephew was a biologist at a Californian university laboratory, and when he heard the news that his uncle was dying, he began writing down information describing an innovative way to melt fat in the body in a short time period.  What Michael’s nephew wrote down on a yellow legal note pad would be the foundations of the Weight Destroyer program and the information which would ultimately save Michael Wren’s life.

Following the Weight Destroyer program, Micheal lost an incredible 53 pounds in only 6 short weeks and amazingly decreased his biological age from 57 years to 31 years.  The benefits which Michael experienced began almost immediately, experiencing better sleeping and focusing better mentally.  Michael’s doctor was astonished to find that his heart tissue looked as though it was repairing itself.

How Does Weight Destroyer Claim To Work?

Working with your body and considering biological truths, Weight Destroyer begins by destroying myths about weight loss and wellbeing.  Such destroyed myths include:

  • Your body needs plenty of water to be healthy

Too much water is not good for your body.  Drinking 64 ounces of water daily may over-hydrate your body.  This may result in your body entering an increased shock mode.

  • Low-calorie foods are best for a weight loss diet

Low-calorie foods do not help you to lose weight.  They can actually force your body into starvation mode and result in your body suffering physically.  Low-calories foods cause further harm as your thyroid is deprived of essential nutrients which it desperately needs to carry out its functions.

  • Exercise regularly

Too much exercise is not good for your body as your body does not have enough time to recover in between sessions.  Your energy reserves are used up, and your body finds itself under a great deal of stress.

Conversely, Weight Destroyer provides you with a simple program consisting of the necessary tools which can help you to achieve optimum health levels.  It provides a list of foods which you can eat on the program in order to reverse the effects of aging and place you on a weight loss journey which will enable you to experience higher energy levels and feel like a better version of you.

The Weight Destroyer Plan

You are provided with a 30-day plan which claims that you can lose at least 30 pounds across that month.  This also comes with a 60-day refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the plan, redeemable by contacting support@weightdestroyer.com.  This plan costs a reasonably priced $39.95 and is a one-off cost, being instantly downloadable so you can change your lifestyle immediately.  Across their website, Weight Destroyer claims to have almost 80,000 positive reviews which average a weight loss of 37 pounds per month on average.  Furthermore, the website professes that the Weight Destroyer plan will ensure that you do not in the future gain the weight which you will lose, stating that any individual of any age, body type, and health status will succeed with Weight Destroyer.  For additional legitimacy, Weight Destroyer promotes purchasing metabolic tests from your local Pharmacy.

Weight Destroyer Criticism

The Weight Destroyer program, and the 80,000 reviews on its website claim that you can lose at least 30 pounds on the plan across 30-days.  There is no clinical evidence to actually support this, but if the claims are true, losing 30 pounds across 30-days would contradict CDC advice and would actually deem Weight Destroyer to be an unhealthy and dangerous plan.  The CDC promotes that losing 1-2 pounds of weight per week is healthy and anything more than this is amount is not good for you.  This healthy amount equates to up to 8 pounds per month which is almost four times less than the 30 pounds which Weight Destroyer claims to help you lose.  Due to this, it would be advisable that you discuss entering the Weight Destroyer program with your physician first.

Controversially, Michael Wren’s story is a little confusing.  If Michael or his unnamed nephew had made such a spectacular discovery in the field of weight loss, it would be safe to assume that scientists globally would want to test out the plan and research Weight Destroyer further.  Michael has addressed this issue and has stated that the university where his nephew worked could not publish the research as it had not been clinically tested, subsequently complaining that the university has suppressed vital information.

There are holes in the way that Michael explains himself, however, as if Weight Destroyer was such an innovative and powerful weight loss revolution then why sell the plan through Clickbank?  Surely one scientist in the world would test the plan out clinically and provide further research and endorsements?

The Weight Destroyer website also adds some questionable content, featuring some conspiracy theory claims that the health industry has been lying to the public and that pharmaceutical corporations possess evil marketing masterminds.  Claims such as this pad-out the story for Michael who is attempting to sell you a unique wellness proposition, stopping at nothing to ruthlessly market the plan to you.

There could also be some controversy present within their positive reviews.  The URL for Weight Destroyer was A registered in July 2014, but there are currently no independent online customer reviews available. As an affiliate-based Clickbank item, however, it is possible that affiliates can all sell the same item, resulting in some of them providing fake review websites in the aim of providing legitimacy to the Weight Destroyer product.

Should You Try Weight Destroyer?

Discovering a weight loss plan which promises to lose a high number of pounds across a short time period seems like a must-have plan to try.  However, the lack of scientific evidence and independent customer feedback raises a red flag for us.  In addition, being an affiliate-based Clickbank item which uses conspiracy-based marketing techniques, Weight Destroyer does not seem like a credible item to improve your health levels and help you lose weight.  Instead, seek advice from your physician who can provide you with scientifically-proven methods of losing weight and improving your health and wellbeing.

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