New diets pop up all the time. They are inspired by new scientific research, celebrity trends, what food is hot at the moment – you name it. Diets can be inspired by anything. Whether they actually work or not is a different matter, and as with anything, it is down to the person doing it, a lot of the time, as to whether or not the results are good or bad. The content of the diet and the actual features are obviously also important.

There have been so many ‘fad’ diets over the years that the human race has surely lost count. From Atkins to the juice diet, we really have tried it all. Why? Because people want to be thin, not necessarily healthy, just thin and looking good. There is a lot of stigma around the fact that to look good you have to be thin, however, whether you like it or not, that concept still exists as something that a lot of people live by.

They want to be thin, and they want to look good fast. They don’t want to expend a lot of effort or energy into doing it, and they want the results to be rapid and noticeable. Whatever the motivation, people are constantly looking for ways to achieve this goal. The Three Week Diet plan is another way that people have found to do it.

Fad diets tend to be for people who need or want to lose a larger amount of weight very quickly. They rarely become a lifestyle choice, coming and going as swiftly and diversely as the seasons change. They get fast results in the short term but don’t always make it through to the future.

They also tend to work, though there are surely some that have been scams, a lot of diets actually get the results that they claim to conclude, if followed correctly and religiously.

So, does ‘The Three Week Diet’ fit into this category? Let’s explore below.

The Diet

The Three Week Diet claims to help you lose weight fast. This is the basic claim of most fad diets. The results have to be quick, and they have to be significant, otherwise the product won’t sell. People want speedy results.

The Three Week Diet claims to work so fast in fact that it assures prospective buyers that there will be noticeable and viable results within a 21 day period. Three weeks isn’t really that long when you actually think about it, that is less than a month. Losing weight in a traditional way, i.e., diet changes and introducing gentle exercise will not achieve those results in such a short time frame.

It claims to initiate between 12 to 23 pounds worth of weight loss. That really is significant and would not be attainable through traditional diet methods until around the three to six month mark depending on how your body adjusted to the changes.

The diet itself has plenty of the regular before and after pictures of the miracles it claims to achieve that are dotted all around the internet and connected to various different diets. These pictures are of course taken before the diet program was purchased and then supposedly, a picture from three weeks later. The results are dramatic. They are eye catching. They draw you in, which is what they are designed to do.

These images are the diets documentation of supposed customers who were struggling with their weight loss until they decided to give the Three Week Diet a try. Lo and behold, after they had tried it, their ‘stubborn fat melted away’ as per the tag line of the product. They even gained muscle tone and athletic like figures from following the exercises included with the program. They are meant to be inspiring and motivating.

The diet itself combines the use of low calories intake, plus fasting days, low carb intake and here’s the hard part, exercise. It was created by a viable and verified nutritionist and health coach, Brian Flatt, who we will look at in a bit more detail further on in the article.

That said, though there are definite benefits to low carbs, fasting days are not entirely healthy for the body and can send the system into shock. Though such systems have proven to work time and time again (for example the 5:2 diet – five days of very low calories intake and two days of eating whatever you want), they are not exactly very nurturing or specifically safe.

The diet itself, which is marketed at starting around $47, includes several different components. After purchasing the diet, you will receive:

  • An introduction manual: This takes you through the basics of the program. It covers what inspired it, the ‘science’ behind it, the components and various requirements/elements it consists of. It is basically a summary of what you can expect from the next three weeks, and therefore whatever other amounts of time you chose to follow the diet regime.
  • A diet manual: This is a more in-depth guide to the foods you are allowed to eat while following the Three Week Diet. They include what you can eat, when you can eat it, ways in which you can eat it and of course the food that you must not eat while following the diet! It is very thorough and is, of course, a crucial part of the level of success you will achieve while following the diet.
  • A workout manual: These workouts are in no way shape or form mandatory. However, they are highly encouraged and recommended. Each one is tailored to burning fat and toning muscle. They are specific to weight loss and improving muscle structure. Again, you don’t have to do them, but it is made clear that they are an important part of the diet itself, and if you want the best results you had probably better just get on and do some of them, if not all of the recommended exercises.
  • A mindset and motivation manual: This is quite important. A large part of starting and sticking to any diet is your mindset and how you cope with change and pressure. If you are not in the right frame of mind, no matter how badly you want something, you may struggle to see it through and then cause yourself a further cascade of negative feeling that lead ultimately to even more weight gain or diet problems. The Three Week Diet program has taken this into consideration and provided you with a mindfulness manual to keep you feeling motivated and happy, even when you just want to eat some cake.

So, there you have it, the basic components of the Three Week Diet are quite similar to those of other diets that have cropped up, and still exist, over the years. However, all of this only becomes clear after you have purchased the diet. The actual content and specifics are kept under lock and key until then.

This may be just a marketing technique to get you to buy the program, but it raises suspicions none the less.

What makes it different from other diets are the finer details and the nitty-gritty: who created it, what specific food and exercise it suggests you follow and what things you must avoid at all costs. You have to follow these ‘suggestions’ religiously, otherwise, you won’t get the promised results, and you will feel let down by the program.  

Brian Flatt

Now moving onto the man himself, Brian Flatt. The creator of the Three Week Diet is a health coach at heart and is fully trained and registered in nutrition matters. He has helped countless people and really enjoys doing so.

That was the inspiration behind the Three Week Diet program. The program is designed to help people lose weight and feel good about themselves by following some simple steps and engaging in some exercise to complement a new, healthy eating regime.

He seems to really know his stuff, and he does seem to be a real person. However, this could be fake, as with anything. It’s increasingly easy to get an actor to cover the role of creator behind scam products, companies seem to do it on a regular basis.

The pros

Rapid weight loss: So, the most obvious proof the Three Week Diet is the rapid weight loss. If you need to lose weight fast, fad diets are generally the way to go. As mentioned above, rapid weight loss through traditional channels is not really possible.

If the before and after pictures are to be believed, then the weight loss you will experience will be significant and satisfactory. That is surely the whole point of the diet.

Fast results: You will, of course, lose the above weight, very quickly. Three weeks is no time at all to lose any amount of weight and more traditional diets only recommend a few pounds in this time period. Yet, in just 21 days before the month is out, you will have achieved what you thought was before impossible and lost that first chunk of weight to get you started on your weight loss journey. 

Health kick: Alongside losing the weight, your body will be forced into a health kick owing to the types of food that you are allowed to eat on the diet and of course, the exercise that you should be doing alongside them! This is especially true of course if you were eating a high fat, high sugar and high carb diet previous to undertaking the program.

The cons

Rapid weight loss: Now as much as you may consider rapid weight loss to be an advantage, it actually isn’t that great for the body. The body needs to lose weight more slowly than this in order to remain healthy. The muscle will become weak, and your calorie intake won’t match the output of the body which means it will be under unnecessary strain. 

Shock to the system: Any major change in diet can be a shock to the system, and as mentioned above a sudden decrease in body and muscle mass will definitely worry your body on some level.

How that manifests is bound to be different from person to person, some people may suffer with the shakes or dizziness. Some people may suffer from bowel problems. You might just become overwhelmingly exhausted. Regardless, none of the above sound particularly healthy or positive for the mind or the body.

Another shock to the system will be the exercise factor. If you are not a regular gym goer or you don’t really work out, then it is bound to be a sudden shock to your body if you, all of a sudden, start doing so on a regular basis quite rigorously.

Hard work: Of course, the hard work. Losing weight in any capacity is hard work. That is a given. However, starting a diet such as this is even more taxing on the mind than it is the body, especially if you struggle with losing weight and body issues in the first place.

You may struggle to follow the diet and keep at it, and therefore become demotivated and feel worse about yourself ultimately putting more weight on in the interim period.

If your body has not been used to doing exercise before undertaking this diet, it will not take kindly to the specific exercises designed to complement the Three Week Diet plan. This is just another element that could throw you off track and make you unsuccessful in your ambitions. 

Costly: Of course, like the majority of these types of diets and programs, the cost is a major factor. People will pay through the roof to feel beautiful and look good. So, they quite happily fall for the price tag.

However, it is a big gamble for something that may or may not work for you. You have to be really invested in order to fork out the money, otherwise, you will probably lose money and become resentful of the whole thing. 

The Reviews

So, what are people saying about this diet? As with any product, there are split thoughts on both sides of the positive to negative spectrum. It is deciding which are the real reviews and which are the fake that becomes the hard part.

Negative reviews tend to be real, as disgruntled customers like to let you know just how disgruntled they are. However, it is important to bear in mind that they may not have been following the diet correctly at all, and therefore, that is why they have had such poor results from the program.

The pros and cons of the Three Week Diet plan have been discussed at length above. These all respond to consumer reviews and facts about the diet.

However, in order to further summarize, below are the good points and the bad points that crop up a lot from the reviews of previous and current consumers. 

The Good

  • Significant results: Definite weight loss is noticeable after following this diet, even in the advertised time period.
  • Rapid Weight Loss: This is concurrent with the above point, results are achieved.
  • Well presented: It is easy to follow and has a lot of information after purchasing.
  • Lots of information and help available: Each step and component are laid out clearly and easily. 

The Bad

  • Hard work: It requires a lot of willpower and a lot of motivation.
  • Costly: You have to pay to get the information and follow the diet.
  • A major change: It is a big lifestyle change for a lot of people who decide to follow the diet.
  • Health risks: There are health risks associated with losing weight in such a way.


There is a significant stance to say that the Three Week Diet gets results. Whether the before and after pictures of people that have lost weight rapidly are real, is up to you to decide. Some people find them questionable, and some people find them very motivating.

However, there is evidence to suggest that though it may not be a scam, it may not be the healthiest option that is out there for weight loss. That cannot really be disputed, there are much healthier ways for the body to lose weight.

It is true that low carb diets are really good for weight loss, and there is a lot of scientific evidence to back this up. However, it may be better to do this over an extended period of time and make it a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix for weight loss. Low carb diets are good for concentration, good for your skin and good for keeping off the pounds. They increase digestive health and blood pressure concerns.

In fact, losing any amount of weight in such a short time period is a cause for concern, and should really be avoided as it leads to other health complications and is often harder to keep the weight off than following other, more slow-burning diets that exist.

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