The Olympic Games are a grand event, where the world’s best athletes demonstrate their outstanding abilities and spirit. Legends are born in this arena, whose names are forever etched in history. Among women, there are special Olympic champions who have reached incredible heights. Presenting the top 5 most decorated Olympians of modern times. And if you’re into betting, be sure to check out the Melbetモバイルアプリ – アプリ機能概要. It’s a functional mobile program for bettors, where you’ll find a wide variety of sports, including less popular ones, as well as high odds and numerous bonus programs.

Steffi Graf

When discussing great women in tennis, it’s impossible to overlook Steffi Graf. This remarkable German athlete is considered one of the most influential figures not only in the world of tennis but also in the sphere of social development of an entire era.

Steffi became famous as the first tennis player to achieve a truly unique feat in 1988 – the so-called “Golden Slam.” In that memorable season, she won the Olympic gold medal in Seoul, as well as all four majors! This greatest achievement has yet to be surpassed by anyone else.

In addition to this, Graf held the title of world No. 1 for over 7 years, becoming the dominating force in women’s tennis of her time. Her game was characterized by a signature powerful forehand (“fraulein Forehand”), which baffled most opponents.

Ding Ning

Table tennis enthusiasts are surely familiar with the name of this legendary Chinese player. Ding Ning, also known as the “Queen of Ping Pong,” is one of the most decorated athletes in the history of her discipline.

Her background is impressive: 3 victories at the World Cup, achieving the career Grand Slam, and a record-breaking 2 million followers on social media. All of this, combined with phenomenal talent and hard work, has made Ding a true cult figure in the Celestial Empire.


The “Queen” won her first Olympic gold medal in 2012 in London. There, she also won the team tournament as part of the Chinese national team. Subsequently, her performance only improved: Ding has celebrated victories at world championships and commercial tournaments multiple times.

Nina Laura Kenny

In the list of greatest Olympic champions, Laura Kenny’s name holds one of the most honorable places. The British cyclist paved the way to unprecedented achievements thanks to her unwavering character and pursuit of excellence.

With the number of Olympic medals (5 gold and 2 silver), Laura has surpassed all other female cyclists. It’s no wonder that her royal merits were eventually recognized with one of Britain’s highest honors – the Order of Dame Commander of the British Empire.

Interestingly, Laura’s husband, Sir Jason Kenny, is also knighted for his outstanding success in cycling. Perhaps the joint training of this wonderful couple helped them reach incredible heights.

Dame Kenny is currently gearing up for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Her ambition for new triumphs seems simply boundless! At the same time, Laura doesn’t forget to inspire young girls to follow her example of determination and hard work – the keys to true greatness.

Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka is one of the brightest stars in modern sports, inspiring girls around the world with her character and principles. Although this American-Japanese tennis player has not yet won Olympic gold, her name is already etched in the history of world championships.

Osaka’s phenomenal breakthrough came in 2018 when, at the age of 20, she defeated her idol Serena Williams in the US Open final. Since then, Naomi has won four Grand Slam singles titles, confirming her status as a global superstar.

It’s worth noting that at the 2021 Tokyo Games, Osaka was honored to light the Olympic flame. This unprecedented event underscores her unparalleled authority and popularity as a tennis player in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Ireen Wust

Ireen Wust is a living legend of speed skating and the true pride of the Netherlands. This remarkable athlete became the first person in history to win five gold medals at five different Olympic Games. Her achievements in speed skating are truly unprecedented: Wust is the most decorated speed skater in the world, among both women and men.


Ireen began her journey to Olympic heights back in 2006 at the Turin Games, and then continued her triumphant march in Vancouver, Sochi, Pyeongchang, and Beijing. Her signature distance is the 1500 meters, where she set an Olympic record. But Wust excelled in other distances as well, demonstrating truly versatile talent.

In total, this outstanding athlete has 11 Olympic medals to her name, including 6 gold, 5 silver, and 1 bronze. Ireen Wust is the embodiment of determination, skill, and boundless love for her sport. Her name is forever inscribed in the history of the Olympic movement as one of the greatest champions.