A nation’s success in men’s football does not, in fact, guarantee the same success in women’s football. Not the most striking example is the French national team: the Gallic Roosters won the World Cup and Euro twice each, became champions of the League of Nations, won the Confederations Cup twice, and have a bunch of sets of silver and bronze awards at these and more modest tournaments. Instead, the French women have not won a single title in history, and every medal winning is a huge event for them.

However, it looks like the French women’s national team is at its best right now. This means that at Euro-2025, she is obliged to show the best possible result and, quite likely, to finally win this tournament. If you like to bet on sports and plan to support France, go to Melbet Sri Lanka com en.

Modest Records

Even if the team did not win titles and medals, its historical level is still determined by what stages it reached in major tournaments. The French women look like a national team of the second echelon – they have individual achievements that many would envy, but most often they do not claim the highest awards. Let’s consider how France’s national women’s team performed in the main competitions.

  • World championships. There have been nine such events so far, but the French women did not make it to the first three draws, as well as the 2007 World Cup – they did not even qualify. The “favorite” result of France is the quarter-finals, it was at this stage that the team stopped the last three times. Before that, in 2011, they managed to become fourth – and this is still the team’s highest achievement, that is, it has never won medals at world forums.
  • Euro. It is easier to perform here – there are no strong opponents from other continents, and more draws have been held – as many as 13. However, the first six French women missed, having debuted only in 1997. Then everything happened in ascending order: three times, France stopped at the group stage, and then there were as many quarter-finals. The record was set at the last forum, where the team managed to take bronze, being eliminated in the semi-finals from the future champions – Englishwomen, who performed at home.
  • League of Nations. This is where the French women are included in the list of the most successful national teams – here they are second, second only to the Spanish. The explanation is simple: as of now, there has been only one LN draw, and there France took the only silver in its history.

You can also mention football tournaments at the Olympic Games, although they are much less prestigious. The French women performed there twice – they took fourth place at the 2012 Olympic Games and reached the quarterfinals four years later. France is hosting the 2024 Olympics – that is, the girls have already qualified for the third time as hosts.

What Inspires Optimism?

A football team, even if it is a national team, gradually changes and constantly updates its composition, so it cannot be said that the level of the team is constant. If we talk about France, it has recently demonstrated an expressive and meaningful game, which helps to overcome even strong opponents.


Euro-2022 brought the French women a historic bronze – the first medal for the entire existence of the national team. The 2023 World Cup ended with the quarterfinals, and elimination from Australia seems optional, but the girls did not lose to their rivals – everything was decided in a penalty shootout. But the most recent League of Nations, the draw of which ended in February 2024, brought silver! It was a good rehearsal for the upcoming continental tournament, and it showed that the French women’s team was capable of claiming more.

The successful performances of the French women raised them to the third place in the FIFA rating, which is very high for a team that has not won anything so far. Bookmakers have not yet issued quotes for the winner of the Euro, but there is no doubt that France will be represented among the biggest favorites this time.

The Road To The Euro

Skeptics will say that we still have to get to Euro 2025. On the one hand, they are right, because currently only the Swiss, as hosts of the tournament, have a ticket, on the other hand, the third team in the FIFA rating should not be afraid.

In the selection, which lasts from April to July 2024, France plays in the quartet A3. The rivals (at least two of the three teams) look very sharp – the English women are definitely not weaker than the French women, they are the current champions of the continent and the silver medalists of the World Cup, while the Swedish women belong to the most titled teams on the planet. Against this background, the Irish women look like relatively easy opponents, for whom getting to the A division of the qualification is already a kind of honor.

However, qualification for the Women’s Euro 2025 is structured in such a way that the very fact of presence in Division A is almost a guarantee of getting to the continental forum. If the French women manage to take first or second place in the quartet, they will receive a ticket immediately. If not, it’s not too bad: there will be an additional playoff in which France will have the status of a seeded team. Even from the last place in the group, the team will get into the head-to-head match.

If France, with the level of performances seen in recent years, does not make it to the Euros, it will be a huge sensation.

What Are The Chances Of A Trophy?

Even the bookmakers will not say this at the moment – they have not yet calculated the probabilities while waiting for the formation of the pool of teams that will play the continental championship.


However, the French women should definitely raise the bar of requirements for themselves – at a minimum, they must repeat the achievements of the previous draw in the form of reaching the semifinals. Nothing less is simply expected from the team, which occupies the third tier in the FIFA ranking and just played in the final of the League of Nations. There, you just have to beat every next opponent and believe that France can do anything.