Substance addiction is a complex disease that can affect anyone, regardless of age, socioeconomic status, gender, and other factors. It is a chronic condition that requires ongoing care and support, including medical treatment, counseling, and behavioral therapy. However, many people struggling with addiction often face significant barriers to accessing the care they need due to stigma, lack of available resources, and cost. Fortunately, many insurance companies, like Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), offer coverage for addiction treatment to help patients overcome their substance abuse and addiction.

What is BCBS?

BCBS is a leading health insurance provider in the United States, covering 106 million members across 36 different states and the District of Columbia. As an insurance company, it is committed to improving its members’ and communities’ health and well-being. One of the ways they do it is by providing comprehensive BCBS addiction coverage, which can include detoxification, inpatient and outpatient treatment, medication-assisted therapy, and ongoing support and counseling. However, the drug and alcohol rehab of BCBS depends on various factors and the plan opted for by the patient, which includes:

– Type of substance addiction

– Type of insurance plan

– Specific abuse treatment opted for by the patient

Since the entire community is determined to help reach affordable treatment to everyone, they also offer insurance plans covering families, groups, and individuals, and even for the ones suffering from mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and so on.

What Will BCBS Insurance Cover?

The type of insurance and the services offered by your treatment center play a key role in what treatment and rehab services your insurance will cover. For instance, if you are getting treated at WhiteSands Treatment Center under the BCBS insurance program, you can check with the center and the insurance provider for your substance abuse treatment coverage. However, depending on the specific plans, it might cover the partial or entire cost of drug and alcohol rehabs.

BCBS Coverage at WhiteSands Rehab Center

If you’re looking for a luxury rehab center for moderate to severe addiction, you must get treated in reputable and luxurious centers like WhiteSands. Unlike traditional hospital-type rehab centers, they emphasize a holistic approach. Experts at this rehab believe that addiction starts with mental disharmony, and it is essential to eliminate it from its roots. Hence, they follow a holistic approach to their treatment plans which includes

– Yoga

– Meditation

– Chiropractic and massage therapies

– Recreational activities like Basketball, Volleyball

– Chef-prepared personalized meals

– Dedicated dining area ; and much more

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Since the cost of a complete package can be burdensome for people seeking intense help, they have tied up with BCBS insurance to make rehabilitation more approachable and accessible to all. Some of the rehab services covered under their plan include:

Inpatient / Residential Rehab

This type of treatment is for recovering addicts who do not have an external network of support or who need constant supervision from medical professionals. They stay in the treatment center for a few to several weeks and will receive around-the-clock care. This includes meals, 24X7 attention from medical staff, accommodation, and therapy sessions for ongoing mental conditions.

Outpatient Rehab

WhiteSands rehab service allows the patients to live at home while attending treatment or therapy sessions in the treatment center, probably a few times a week. The primary structure of this is group therapy. Theyemphasize group therapy as it helps patients from similar backgrounds support each other while having a friend on their road to recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

This type of outpatient treatment follows a more structured sequence but with lesser intensity than in inpatient programs. While it does not require the patients to stay at the treatment center, it needs them to visit a few times a week for 8-9 hour sessions. They include care from a psychologist, social workers, nurses, doctors, and other therapists supported by the BCBS insurance programs.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

WhiteSands is one of the leading rehab centers in Florida that accepts all kinds of insurance policies. PHP services are a type of outpatient service for recovering addicts who require extensive supervision but not as much as an inpatient program. It requires nearly 20 hours of weekly treatment, involving group and individual counseling and medical-assisted treatment for their withdrawal symptoms.

Does BCBS Cover Mental Health Care?

An essential aspect of BCBS’s addiction coverage includes coverage for mental health services. They believe addiction is often linked to underlying mental health conditions like trauma, anxiety, agitation, and depression. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all insurance providers need to incorporate assistance and coverage for mental health. The BCBS coverage plans for Drug Addiction Treatment Programs include mental therapy. Although it is unnecessary for most, a majority of patients have benefitted from such plans to get behavioral therapy, therapy for anxiety and depression, and much more. By covering mental health services, BCBS redefines the importance of treating addiction patients’ physical and psychological aspects.

One of the critical components of BCBS’s addiction coverage is the inclusion of medication-assisted therapy (MAT) at rehab centers like WhiteSands. MAT is a form of addiction treatment involving medication to help reduce drug and alcohol cravings and withdrawal symptoms while providing behavioral therapy and counseling to help individuals overcome addiction. BCBS recognizes the effectiveness of MAT and includes coverage for medications such as methadone, buprenorphine, naltrexone, and others, as a part of their addiction treatment plans. Treatment centers like WhiteSands Accept BCBS for Substance Abuse Treatment, including addiction to medications.

Bottom Line

The BCBS recognizes that addiction to any substance, like drugs, alcohol, or medication, can be a chronic disease requiring ongoing care and support. As such, their addiction coverage often includes ongoing counseling and behavioral therapy, which can help individuals develop the skills and strategies necessary to maintain long-term recovery.

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Additionally, many BCBS plans provide the necessary coverage for aftercare services like sober living homes, support groups, continued counseling, and others, which can help individuals avoid relapse and maintain their independent lifestyle, substance-free. However, it is essential to note that all BCBS plans are unequal. The specifics of addiction coverage and treatment may vary on the plan and state. Hence, patients seeking addiction treatment from different addiction centers should carefully review their plan’s coverage for addiction treatment to ensure that it meets their specific needs.