Title: 6 Easy Steps For Getting Split Tone Hair For All Hair Types

Meta Description: Rock a trendy split-tone hair color in six easy steps. This guide shows how to achieve this look at home. Learn also tips on picking the right colors.

Back then, you needed to decide on only one hair color. But that’s already in the distant past. It’s time to ditch the hassle of picking a single color for your beautiful locks. Don’t just settle for one. Go for two. Yes, two!

Choosing two colors for a split hair color is a challenging mission.

This style of having high-contrast colors making their own home on your hair is creative, fierce, and stunning. Maintaining the shine and keeping the color of your hair with the help of the oVertone hair color conditioner is a must after the hair dyeing episode. Coloring conditioners offer the benefits of traditional hair dye but without damaging your locks.  

Ready to give your locks a two-shade makeover? Then read this piece to know how!

Slaying the Split Tone Hair: The Easy Process

If you think getting split-tone hair takes a whole day of work, it’s not. Research the hair color you need to use before you dye your hair with two different colors. Cover your neck and ears so the temporary hair dye won’t stain your skin.

Here’s how to dye your hair in two shades:

Step 1: Choose your colors

Pick the two colors that you want for your hair. There may be no specific reasons for choosing the colors. You can wear the classic black and white a la Cruella de Vil. Attract attention with two bright and bold colors. Go for pastels if you want a dreamy look.

Try brightening your locks with Extreme Yellow and Extreme Green for a half-and-half hair.

Step 2: Split into two

Separate your hair along the middle for the two colors to occupy their space. Do this with clean and dry hair.

Step 3: Make sections

Use bobby pins or clips to divide your hair into sections. This allows each section to get the split color you want to put.

Step 4: Smother the colors!

Now it’s time to put those popping colors on your hair! But first, put your gloves on. Apply the hair color from the bottom up. Start from the roots and gently apply the paint to each strand.

Remember, do one side at a time! Seeing colors skirt on both opposite sides or mix up is a total headache! After applying the hair colors, let it sit on each side for 10-15 minutes.

Step 5: Wash it all off!

Rinse your hair thoroughly. Tie up one side and wash the other side and vice versa. The colors mix down the drain as you rinse, but that’s nothing to worry about.


Step 6: Style it your way

Dry your hair and put your style in action! Rock your split-tone hair wherever you go!

Split Tone Hair Aftercare

A lot of work comes after doing a split-tone hairstyle. Give your newly colored two-tone hair some extra love in these easy steps:

●    No washing for 48 hours: Let the colors settle on your hair before you wash it again after the initial rinse. It might get stinky for a while. But worry not; you’ll get to hit the bathroom walls and enjoy a good shower soon.

●    Keep it cool:

Rinse your hair with cold, but not cold, water. Cool temperatures lock in the colors on your hair and keep moisture on your scalp and strands.

●    Use a sulfate-free shampoo: Sulfates strip your dyed hair of color and can be harsh on your skin. Get one without sulfate to keep the color of your hair.

●    Avoid heat: When heat touches your hair, it opens up your cuticles and causes the color to spread. That would throw all the effort of dyeing your hair down the drain. Stay away from curling irons, blow dryers, and hair straighteners.

●    Put a silk scarf around your hair: The friction between your hair and your pillowcase when you sleep is the leading cause of damage to your colored hair. Silk is a protective barrier for your hair and keeps it from being damaged.

Every Color for Every Style

The split-tone hairstyle matches all hair lengths, types, textures, and cuts. You’ll find a few color combinations that match your style, whether it’s bright colors, pastel hues, sorbet, or warm and cool tones.

Give these contrasting colors a try:

●    Extreme Magenta and Purple: Achieve your pixie dreams with these strong colors.

●    Pastel Blue and Pastel Pink: These pastel hues will turn your hair into a fluffy and dreamy eye candy.

●    Vibrant Yellow and Vibrant Red: Keep it natural with the bright colors.


Final Thoughts

A split-tone hairstyle attracts and commands attention from people. It amps up your fashion points and makes a bold statement no matter what you wear.

Transform your locks today using color conditioners from reputable brands like oVertone, and maintain them with daily conditioners.