Hey there fitness freaks! I hope you are all making good progress in your New Years Resolutions and getting back into the best shape of your life. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Yoga Burn program which has been making headlines recently.

It was designed by instructor Zoe Bray-Cotton exclusively for women. She’s spent years traveling, learning, and teaching her craft. With her Yoga Burn program, she wants to provide women all around the world with a way to lose fat while promoting a healthy, figure that they can look in the mirror and love.

Zoe thinks that yoga is the best way to accomplish this. Yoga is healthy, holistic, and promotes a stress-free lifestyle. It is one of the few approaches to fitness that can build muscles, create happiness, and purify the soul all at once.

There are thousands of different yoga poses and exercises that one can do. Some of them are easy, and some of them are hard and take years of practice to perfect. These are certainly worth pursuing in your yoga voyage, but if you want to hit a specific goal, then you should follow a progressive flow of style.

By following this progressive style, you can ensure that all of your movements and every step of your journey takes a step towards that goal. In my personal life, yoga has helped me to achieve things that I would have never before thought to be possible. It’s given me the driven mindset and optimistic life view that has taken me to new heights both physically and spiritually.

Why does Kegenix Prime help?


So you’ve never heard of Zoe Bray-Cotton before today. That’s because she’s not a celebrity, and she’s not trying to make you buy something because she’s famous. There are a lot of programs out there that use a celebrity as their figurehead to promote some useless fitness routine. That’s not the case with Yoga Burn.

Zoe isn’t trying to impress you with fancy status. She just wants to share the expertise and knowledge that she’s spent her whole life building with people. Zoe genuinely wants to give back to the world.

She has spent her entire career working as an instructor in gyms all across North America. She’s as much of a student as she is a teacher, and stands by the belief that a woman’s education is never complete as long as she’s still alive. The constant pursuit of yoga mastery has made an eager student of her, and she seeks to convey that sentiment to her viewers.

As much as she enjoys being a physical instructor, Zoe eventually realized that if she wanted to have the chance to help as many people as she could, she would need to branch out in the form of digital media. That’s when she first had the idea of creating a video follow-along series that could benefit all women, regardless of their age, locale, or expertise.

Her goal with Yoga Burn is two-fold. She wants to give her students a way to melt fat and build firm, lean muscle through yoga exercises. Zoe also intends to provide her viewers with a way to relax and destress.

Many workout programs fail their students because they are so stressful. They have hundreds of strict rules and push grueling, physically exhausting workouts. This can be hard for people to keep up with and can cause them to quickly lose faith in their goals and themselves.

Zoe Bray-Cotton knows that a healthy mind and spirit is vital if one wishes to build the body. After all, our bodies are a reflection of our minds and the thoughts we have. Yoga builds self-confidence, self-awareness, and promotes acceptance of one’s self. With these positive thoughts in mind and spirit, the body can do nothing but follow suit and become equally healthy.

What Is Yoga Burn, And What Can It Do For You?

Looking at the content itself, you’ll see that there are twelve videos. Nine of these videos are advanced workout videos designed for students to follow along and learn the exercises, and three of these videos contain informational content to help students become well-acquainted with what they’re about to learn.

Each workout video is 45-minutes long. This is the perfect amount of time to spend performing a yoga class. It’s short enough so that time flies by but long enough for students to get the full benefits from the fat-burning, intensive yoga workouts. Each workout is well-rounded and focuses on using positions to build strength and flexibility, melt away the fat, and enrich the spirit.

What Makes Yoga Burn Different?

You’ve probably had the unfortunate experience of wasting your money on cheap exercise routines that promise you the world, but end up being a repeat of your high school physical education class. They teach you a few fancy tricks, tell you to stop eating fast food, and then tell you to go on a run. You already knew that though. These programs leave people feeling cheated and robbed.

Yoga Burn is not one of these undesirable programs, however. Each one of Zoe’s lessons are packed with knowledge, fat-burning yoga positions, and are designed to take your body, mind, and spirit to the next level. These yoga workouts are given with detailed description and clear instruction. You won’t be left wondering about the how and why like you will with other programs.

It’s this open and informational approach that makes Yoga Burn different. You can tell that Zoe genuinely cares about every one of her students. She’s not getting on a screen to make you feel bad about yourself or to adopt a condescending tone. Zoe is there to be your friend, somebody who will help you every step of the way.

Some macho men may prefer a workout program that features some jacked up meathead yelling at them the whole video, but most women like us want something that’s a little bit more encouraging and uplifting. Out of all of the workout programs that I’ve done, Yoga Burn has been one of the ones which I enjoyed most.

I went into every workout with a happy attitude. I knew that my body was going to be worked just as much as my mind was going to be enabled to relax and forget the troubles of the day. Zoe’s calming voice and helpful instruction were able to turn me from a complete yoga rookie into a knowledgeable student in three short months.

The Yoga Burn Week

What does an average week in the life of a Yoga Burn student entail? Well, as I mentioned above, there are three separate phases that each last for four weeks. There are three videos devoted to each particular phase. Each of these videos are 15 minutes long but are designed to be looped three times in a row for a total 45-minute workout.

By the end of each phase, you will be 100% comfortable with the entire routine, and you’ll be in a position to be able to come back and confidently complete that workout again at any point in the future.

In an average week, you will have three separate workout days beginning on Monday and going through the week, which ends with a special Tranquility Flow that focuses on teaching you peace, tranquility, and how to find your inner happiness. In between workout days are rest days in which you’re encouraged to go outside, take a walk, and absorb energy from nature.

Here is an idea of what your average week will look like once you begin the program:


    Monday – First yoga routine


    Tuesday – Go outside and enjoy nature 


    Wednesday – Second yoga routine


    Thursday – Rest and meditate


    Friday – Third yoga routine


    Saturday – Go for a walk


    Sunday – Tranquility Flow video


The Three Phases

The three phases are designed to build on each other. The first phase will teach students all of the yoga fundamentals that they need to begin with. Zoe assumes that most of her viewers have never done a yoga program before and is very helpful with all of her explanations to them. If you’re an experienced yogini, you might find it repetitive, but it’s always good to brush up.

When I first started, I found that it was a little bit challenging. I was pushing my body in new ways and teaching it new movements and patterns that I had never subjected it to before. It was a good challenge though, and one that I learned a lot from. By the time you complete the third and final phase, you’ll be in good standing to either repeat the program effortlessly (which I did a couple of times) or move on to more advanced routines.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at how each one of the three phases are set up.

Phase One: Foundation Flow

The first phase of Yoga Burn is to build foundational movements and processes which will prepare the body to be able to fully adopt the lifestyle of a yoga practitioner. You will learn all about your body’s metabolism and muscular system.

For those who’ve never done yoga previously, this first phase is incredibly beneficial.  It helps uninitiated students to be able to build a strong background in the movements. Phase one also helps to build mental fortitude and self-confidence.

The first phase will also make sure that you are aware of how one should breathe and hold their muscles throughout all of their poses. Breathing plays a critical part of how blood, oxygen, and energy is transferred through our bodies.

Even though it is geared for beginners, it is still challenging. Your body is learning new things every day, and developing new strength with each passing workout. You’ll burn calories and absolutely shred fat while still being able to ponder your existential ideas.

Phase Two: Transition

Once we’ve learned all of the foundations from the first phase of the program, we need to build upon that. That’s what phase two is about. Zoe is going to help you channel your newfound energy to build both flexibility and strength.

You are going to then use these tools to begin really targeting the fat on your body. You’re going to be like a yoga surgeon, melting fat off of your trouble regions one stretch at a time.

These videos are going to target all of the areas in your body that are most prone to storing fat over time. Each day of the week, you will be targeting a new section. One day is devoted to your core, the next to your lower body, and finally the last is devoted to your upper body.

Each one of these workouts will not only trigger your body to lose fat in these areas, but it will also strengthen them and build support for continued exercise and good posture (which is very important for both your health and how you look).

When doing all of these extra stretches it can sometimes be easy to lose focus or get bored in traditional yoga classes. However, Zoe always has a way of really bringing what you’re learning to you and making you enjoy it in new ways which you would have never considered beforehand. She keeps the movements interesting and motivational.

Phase Three: Mastery

The third month of Yoga Burn is when you will begin the third phase, which is referred to as the mastery phase. Upon completion of this flow, you will be well on your way to being a lifelong lover of yoga, no matter what else you do in life.

This is the most challenging of all the phases and has a lot of advanced movements, hard stretches, and difficult positions. Despite this challenge, however, phase three is the most rewarding.

You see, when you spend two whole months building up new strength day by day and enriching your spirit with each relaxing video, you feel fully prepared to face the challenge. This phase will be your crucible. Once you finish this phase, you’ll be stronger, happier, and skinnier than ever before!

The videos in this phase focus on combining everything that you’ve learned in phase one and two and then ramping those techniques up to a new level with compound sequences and aggressive energy. All of this extra energy that you’re putting into your workouts will result in extreme fat burning and will even trigger your metabolic afterburn effect.

Completion and Going Further

When I finished the final workout video on the last week of the program, I have to admit that I was a little bit sad. Even though the entire program was done through a screen, I still felt like I had been able to build a connection to Zoe. She had spent the past three months, tirelessly teaching me how to be a better version of myself.

When I looked in the mirror, I was no longer displeased and critical. I could look at my slimmer, sexier figure with a glowing smile, knowing that through my own hard work and dedication I had really done something with my body that I could be proud of.

I no longer walked down the sidewalk with my eyes looking down. My posture was poised and my confidence was glowing. I had the energy to smile at every new person who I met, and the confidence to explore the new city that I was living in. I had gone from being unconfident and introverted to the happy and social creature that I remembered being back in my college days.

None of this would have been possible without the help of Yoga Burn and Zoe’s expert guidance. I felt like I owed her more time, and that’s exactly what I did. I re-did the entire 12-week program as soon as I had finished and was surprised to see just how much that I had grown in those short three months.

The movements that had before been difficult to me were now easy and fun. I knew what I was supposed to do before Zoe told me. Surprisingly I remembered all of my poses and the way that I was supposed to breathe with each movement.

Yoga Burn has been one of the few workout routines that I’ve completed that has really changed my life. It was fun, engaging, educational, and was able to help me expand my mind the same way that it was able to help me shrink my belly.

What Users Are Saying?

Now that you know what to expect out of each of the phases let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons that I was able to compile during my time with the program. It has plenty of benefits, but also a few drawbacks that you will want to take into consideration.


Let’s start by looking at all of the best aspects of Yoga Burn!


Great Organization

One of the things that makes Yoga Burn such an easy program to follow is that it’s well-organized. Everything that you learn has a purpose behind it. Each lesson builds upon the last and allows you to utilize your newfound skills.

Many workout programs which I’ve done over the year seem very jumbled and confused. You’ll be doing a bunch of random exercises and workouts with no idea why you’re actually doing them. It feels just like I’m in grade school doing PE class and learning a little bit of everything. I finish the program no better than I started.


Builds Your Body And Your Mind

If Zoe’s learned one thing in her travels, it’s that the body isn’t worth much without the mind. This is why she focuses on building up her students’ self-confidence and spiritual awareness. Once you can harness this energy, you can use it to enlighten your mind and bring vitality into your body.


Hardcopy Editions Are Available

While Yoga Burn is primarily designed to be viewed over the internet, Zoe understands that it may not be the most convenient way for everybody. After you are granted your premium access, you will be given the option to order DVD’s, audiobooks, and even digital MP4’s to store on your phone or media device.


Nothing in life is perfect. There is a balance to everything, and no matter how great a program seems to be, it will not be perfect for everybody.


Yoga Burn Is Not High-Intensity

If you’re looking for some crazy high-intensity plyometrics that will leave you feeling like you just got hit by a train afterward, Yoga Burn does not provide that. You will still get a great workout, but yoga focuses mainly on building muscular endurance and spot-reducing fat instead of crazy athletic style workouts.


You Must Stay On Schedule

This program revolves around consistency. Each workout is designed to be done on a certain day of the week, and if you lose track or skip a workout, then it can make the rest of your schedule confusing to follow.

The Final Verdict

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with my experience using Yoga Burn. Zoe took me from having zero knowledge about yoga and stretching to a spot where I felt comfortable and confident in all of my movements. I almost felt as if she were a personal friend who was able to guide me all the way.

Appearance-wise, I was blown away. I lost 10 pounds during those three months and was able to pack on some lean muscle in my abs and booty. My form was more trim, and my curves were sleek and defined. I felt really sexy for the first time in years.

This was all reflected in my overall increased confidence. I was happier and enjoyed my life again. If I were to recommend one product for women, then Yoga Burn would be at the top of that list. The only thing that you have to lose is a few pounds, so what are you waiting for? Try it out today!