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It’s no secret that the online casino market keeps growing day by day. This is great for gamers, but choosing a good site is getting harder with so many options.

To make your life easier, today, we’re going to show you all that Slingo has to offer with its amazing combination of two-player favorites: slots and bingo!

The best part is that you don’t even need to know how to play these games, as they use simple and fun mechanics that you master in just a few spins.

In this article, we’ll give you some good reasons to start playing the Slingo Originals and enjoy their unique gameplay. Ready to have fun? Let’s Slingo!

Slot and bingo combination

The history of Slingo began in 1995 when casino games started to become popular on the internet.

What made Slingo games so famous is this unique combination that brings together the very best in the world of slots and bingo.

For a start, you’ll recognize the famous slot reels, as well as numbers and symbols that are very characteristic of these games.

The twist is the Slingo grid at the bottom of the screen and its unique symbols, offering cash prizes, multipliers, and opening special bonus stages, all so you can play for bigger and bigger payouts.

The games are easy to play

In slot games, you need to form combinations of symbols or characters to win cash prizes or unlock bonus stages.

In Slingo games, you need to match the symbols on the reels with those on the grid to collect Slingos and climb the pay ladder to reach the jackpot!

You will also find great partnerships with classic slots on the Slingo website, each bringing their characteristics to the table, like Deal or No Deal Slingo and Slingo Lucky Streak.

Fast rounds and spins at the speed of light

Most Slingo Originals stand out for their fast gameplay, with many games having a 10-round base.

You can keep playing for more Slingos and move up the pay ladder by paying for new spins or when the games offer free spin bonuses.

We suggest games like Red Hot Slingo, Slingo X-Scream, and Slingo Reel Extreme for the adrenaline lovers and breathtaking spins.

Unlock awesome bonus stages

The Slingo also has games packed with bonuses for players who like to explore more possibilities in a slot.

For example, in games like Slingo Fluffy Favourites, Slingo Wild Adventure, and Book of Slingo, in addition to the exclusive Slingo symbols, you have unique mechanics from these slots to unlock incredible bonus stages.

These games are perfect for players who love free spins, multipliers, instant cash prizes, and minigames that provide a unique experience, as well as big prizes.

Some games also have cumulative jackpots, where part of the amount invested by players is converted into higher payouts.

If you’re lucky, it’s possible to win millionaire prizes while having fun with your favorite Slingo Original.

Try this unique combination on the official Slingo website

To have a full experience, the best option is to enjoy all these games on the official Slingo site, where you can test the demo version of the games for free before starting for real.

This is a great opportunity to get to know all the Slingo mechanics and see how they work in practice before actually betting.

When you’re done, you can register and win an incredible €100 welcome bonus! Do you still doubt that Slingo is the best combination of slots and bingo? Then, start playing Slingo today, and good luck!