Innovative diets and trendy health food plans are being created and released online on a regular basis, and some subsequently develop a cult following across social media.  All of these diets and plans promise fast results, although only a minority of them are proven to actually work.

For example, the biggest trend of the moment is to adopt a low-carb lifestyle. However, after following any diet for a specific period of time, weight loss may stall or you may need a new plan to inject some color into your drab diet.  In this way, you may be able to get your body and mind back on track and continue on your weight loss journey.

One of the most successful ways in clearing the weight loss blockage is to adopt the Keto Egg Diet, also known as the Egg Fast.  As the term ‘fast’ suggests, this is a temporary weight-loss diet which can help to add variety to a low-carb lifestyle and which contributes to shifting some extra pounds after a stall in your weight-loss programme.

Keto Egg Diet Facts

Here are the essential facts about the Keto Egg Diet:

  • Eat only eggs, full-fat cheeses, and healthy fats.
  • The plan lasts for 5 days.
  • You may decide to try the Keto Egg Diet every two to three months to stimulate your low-carb lifestyle.

What to Eat?

When following the Keto Egg Diet, every day you should eat:

  • At least 5 or 6 eggs.
  • A tablespoon of fat for every egg which you eat.
  • A specific amount of cheese which is less than the number of eggs you have eaten on that day, e.g., if you eat 6 eggs, then you should consume no more than 6 ounces of cheese that day.
  • Drink at least 10 standard cups of water. 

How Does the Keto Egg Diet Work?

If you are used to following a low-carb lifestyle, but your weight loss has stalled, then with your body being in a state of ketosis you will be able to restart your metabolism and begin your weight loss once again. 

The Keto Egg Diet should result in consuming a good level of macronutrients which are high in fat and low in carbohydrates, as well as a moderate level of protein.  This reflects the nature of a low-carb lifestyle and complements an already low-carb plan.  However, as this is a ‘fast,’ it is advisable to ensure that you do not surpass the 5-day plan as it may not be a healthy diet to follow in the long term.  It provides your body with a short, sharp shock which stimulates your metabolism and ends any weight-loss blockage.  Remember that your body needs to consume a variety of fruit or vegetables when you are on your regular low-carb plan.

Each day, consume a certain number of eggs, for example, 6 eggs.  You could prepare them in any way you would like.  Next, eat a tablespoon of healthy fat such as butter or sugar-free mayo and 1 ounce of full-fat cheese with every egg that you eat.  Ideally, you should eat two eggs and their additional extras three times per day.  You will find that the Keto Egg Diet fast acts as a metabolic reset which may restart the weight-loss process.

Drinks and Supplements

While following the Keto Egg Diet, ensure that you drink at least ten cups of water per day.  As you will not be eating any fruits and vegetables across the 5-day fast and therefore not consuming any fiber, drinking sufficient amounts of water will ensure that you do not develop constipation, and enable you to maintain a good level of hydration.  You may also want to take a supplement such as magnesium to substitute a lack of fiber.  You may also want to take some additional supplements, and the best for this fast are potassium and multivitamin supplements.

What Types of Eggs Should I Eat?

Average-sized, chicken eggs are recommended.  Ensure that you buy eggs that are fresh when you need them.  Keep your eggs in the fridge to make sure that you enjoy the freshest eggs daily.  Averaging six eggs per day will mean that you will need 30 eggs across the 5-day Keto Egg Plan.

What Type of Cheeses Should I Eat?

Ensure that you only eat full-fat cheeses, such as cream cheese, brie or mozzarella. 

What Type of Healthy Fats Should I Eat?

Examples of healthy fats include butter and sugar-free mayo.

Can Anyone Adopt the Keto Egg Diet?

An important requirement before adopting the Keto Egg Diet is that your body should be in ketosis; otherwise, the effects of the fast may be compromised as your body suddenly adjust to the diet change.  Remember that this is a perfect restart for the metabolism of individuals already following a low-carb lifestyle.

Are There Any Other Rules on the Keto Egg Diet?

Other rules to remember when following the Keto Egg Diet are:

  • After waking up on a morning, ensure that you eat your first egg no more than 30 minutes later.
  • Meals should be eaten every 3 to 5 hours.
  • Eat at least one egg at every meal interval, even if you are not hungry.
  • Ensure that, in total, at least six eggs are consumed daily.
  • Before bedtime, ensure that you have eaten your last egg at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  • While water is the most important fluid for your body to function efficiently, you may additionally drink up to three cans of diet soda per day if desired.
  • You may use low-carb sweeteners as well as low-carb sauces if desired. 

Can I Make Meals on the Keto Egg Diet?

Eggs are an excellent food with limitless meal opportunities.  Here are some meal ideas which meet the requirements of the Keto Egg Diet, while tasting great and adding some excitement to your fast.

  • Try a 3 egg omelet, topped with 2 ounces of cream cheese and a splodge of sriracha sauce for added oomph. Cook with 1 tablespoon of butter in the pan.
  • Make egg waffles with 2 eggs and 2 ounces of cheese, whipping 1 tablespoon of mayo into the batter. Try making a yummy sauce for your waffles by combining 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 tablespoon of sugar-free salted caramel syrup.
  • Hard boil 3 eggs and chop with 2 tablespoons of mayo, adding salt and pepper. For an extra kick, you could add a sprinkle of paprika.
  • Create ‘devilled’ eggs by cutting 3 hard-boiled eggs in half, removing the yolks and mashing them with 2 tablespoons of mayo in addition to salt and pepper.
  • Snack on a cheese string with 1 tablespoon of mayo for dipping.
  • Try baking a cheese quiche which you can use for meals during the week. Grate an 8-ounce block of cheese and then mix up a blend of 12 eggs. Combine with 4 ounces of cream cheese and 12 tablespoons of melted, unsalted butter, adding salt and pepper as desired.  Bake for around 45 minutes at 325 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once cooked and cooled, divide the quiche into twelve slices so that each slice is equivalent to one egg, one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of cheese. 

Will the Keto Egg Diet Work For Me?

If you are a follower of a low-carb lifestyle but you are experiencing a stall in weight loss, then the Keto Egg Diet may be for you.  Following a low-carb lifestyle will mean that your body will be in ketosis and therefore is in a perfect state for your body to restart its metabolism and begin losing weight again.  As this is a fast diet, it is only recommended for a period of 5 days, or no longer than 7 days at a maximum.  There are so many delicious recipes which you could follow on the plan, combining your allocation of eggs, full-fat cheese, and healthy fats to create amazing meals which you will enjoy as much as you will enjoy your weight loss.