When any individual causes any harm or attempt to cause any damage to any of the family members or another person in the household, the violence is named domestic violence. Even if you do not get the conviction, you will require spending time in jail till you see the judge. The charges of domestic violence are very serious, and they may include stay-away orders, fines, and prison time. Let us discuss the domestic violence charges and the potential punishments you may face.

Domestic Violence: What Is It?

Domestic violence is also termed spouse abuse case, dating violence case, intimate partner violence charges, and many other terms. The activities included in domestic violence are

  • Body Injury occurred Intentionally
  • Continuous harassment or putting victims in fear of causing bodily injury
  • Attempt to cause body injury

Personal Relationships may include

  • Children and Parents
  • Persons of the opposite gender involved in the past relationships
  • The persons who have one child in common
  • Grandchildren and grandparents
  • Current or ex-members of the household
  • Current or former partners

What Happens When You Are Arrested In The Charges Of Domestic Violence?

Law enforcement officers require a warrant to arrest a particular person. But there may be various exceptions to this Rule. There are certain situations where the arrests can even be warrantless. When police officers witness crime with their eyes, they can go for warrantless arrests easily.


There can be some other crimes, including felonies, where there can be warrantless arrests for domestic violence. When there are probable causes for believing that the following offenses have occurred, warrantless arrests are possible.

  • Physical assaults or assaults by pointing a gun at persons with relationships
  • Domestic trespass of crime
  • Inflicting any serious injury or assault with a deadly weapon
  • Simple assault

`When the law enforcement officers believed that the DVPO has been violated, the offender must go through the mandatory arrest. Castle bail bonds can support the offenders until they appear in court for legal proceedings.

48-Hour Rule

This Rule is applied when the judge is not available immediately. The judge needs to set conditions and release the offenders. But if the crime occurs during weekends and gets arrested, they will have to wait for the judge for 48 hours. After the time period of 48 hours has passed, and the judge still remains unavailable, the magistrate can release conditions.

From the time of the arrest, 48 hours will begin. The release conditions will include

  • Limited child visitation
  • Alcohol consumption is not allowed
  • No contact with the victim, including at home, school, or work
  • Removing or damaging the victim’s property is not allowed
  • No threats or harassment are allowed


When you are facing either felony or misdemeanor charges for domestic violence, you should contact the attorney for criminal defense.


An attorney will help you in defending your case in court and make sure that you understand your own rights against your charges. They may even advise you the ways to receive fair treatment in court and even drop the case when possible.

When you cannot afford the bail for the domestic violence charges, you can contact the bail bond agencies.