With so many health plans and weight loss systems on the market, it is always helpful to compare one with another to see exactly what you are gaining from your purchase.  There are so many options on the market, some more reliable than others and some more scientifically researched than others, confusing many consumers who truly do not understand what they are buying or putting into their bodies.

Today, we are going to compare two of the most talked about weight loss systems currently surfing the waves online – so that you can see if either of these plans suit your lifestyle, as well as whether you can successfully lose weight by following their guidance. Let’s begin.


TruVision professes to sell you an improved lifestyle and overall improved wellbeing, providing you with a ‘better you.’  TruVision have made several supplements available for purchase, all with different purposes and claims.  TruKETO is a supplement which TruVision has created in order to supplement a keto lifestyle.  Exogenous ketones present within TruKETO claim to train your body to burn fat.  In addition, your keto diet can receive a ketone boost through using reACTIVATE.

While these supplements aim to supplement a keto lifestyle, be aware that consuming exogenous ketones does not actually place your body into the state of ketosis; your body enters a state of ketosis through eating a diet consisting of 80% fat and almost no carbohydrates, a process which cannot be replicated through a supplement.  ReACTIVATE promises a source of MCTs which aims to boost ketones; while it may provide some assistance to your Keto diet, you must follow a keto diet first and place your body in a state of ketosis before you would be able to experience any benefits.

truvision vs plexus

Another TruVision product is TruFIX, which claims to support blood chemistry and contains raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract in addition to cinnamon.  Green coffee bean extract contains caffeine which is proven to increase the metabolic rate.  In addition, it contains chlorogenic acid which is thought to lower both insulin levels and blood sugar levels while decreasing the number of carbohydrates absorbed from your gut.  Again, further scientific research is required.  This supplement professes to lower blood sugar in addition to cholesterol and maintaining a healthy function of the liver and enabling your body to experience more energy.

Finally, there is TruCONTROL, a TruVision supplement which states that it will revive your metabolism as well as increasing energy levels and the ability to focus.  Stimulants such as cacao, caffeine, hordenine, yohimbe, octodrine, theacrine, and kinetiq are plentiful within the supplement, providing significant energy boosts.  Although, an energy increase may not actually revive your metabolism.

The TruVision website contains many testimonials about how great the product is and how these individuals really have achieved better versions of themselves with TRruVision, although the website does not contain any scientific research to back up these claims.  Furthermore, many of the added benefits stemming from the vitamins and minerals present within the supplements can be found in many food items as well.


Plexus has created Plexus Slim, a powered weight loss supplement which is mixed with water, turning an attractive pink color.  The Plexus Slim drink aims to ensure that you feel full while your blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels are decreased.  The drink is taken only once per day, half an hour before a full meal.

The prominent ingredients present within the Plexus Slim are 200mg of chromium and a 530mg blend of green coffee bean, alpha lipoic acid, and garcinia cambogia extract.  Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to support the benefits of Plexus Slim although research has been completed on some of the main ingredients.

truvision vs plexus

Chromium is an essential mineral which helps to metabolize protein, fat, and carbohydrates.  It may even help to improve levels of blood sugar and lower insulin levels.  This may subsequently result in the individual eating fewer calories, burning more fat although further research must be done in this field.

Garcinia cambogia extract is a fruit extract which contains hydroxycitric acid, also known as HCA.  HCA is thought to block citrate lyase, a fat-producing enzyme, although scientific research is inconsistent in humans.

Green coffee bean extract contains caffeine which is proven to increase the metabolic rate.  In addition, it contains chlorogenic acid which is thought to lower both insulin levels and blood sugar levels while decreasing the number of carbohydrates absorbed from your gut.  Again, further scientific research is required.

Alpha-lipoic acid is a fatty acid, in addition to being a strong antioxidant. Alpha-lipoic acid is made by your body, although increased levels have shown that the fatty acid is able to decrease levels of blood sugar.  Further scientific research is required to assess its long term benefits to weight loss.

Safety and Side-Effects

There have not been any reported serious side-effects with either the Plexus Slim or the variety of TruVision supplements; therefore they appear to be completely safe to use.  However, like with many supplements, there is a chance of some minor side-effects such as stomach ache, bloating, nausea and bloating.  Furthermore, too much caffeine can cause further side-effects such as anxiety and headaches.

Which Product Is Better For You?

The range of TruVision products is extensive and on the face of it, can meet many of your desires, whether that is to complement your keto diet, provide you with increased energy, or to revive your metabolism.  However, the lack of research and recognized ingredients is slightly concerning, at least apart from caffeine-laden ingredients. Most other ingredients are not stated.

On the other hand, the ingredients contained within Plexus Slim each have some relevant scientific research behind their effectiveness and may actually combine to make an effective supplement which helps you lose weight.  While no scientific research has been completed for the Plexus Slim supplement; specifically, each ingredient indicates to provide some benefits for your body.  However, remember that Plexus Slim is a weight loss supplement and so a balanced diet and regular exercise is also required on a consistent basis in order to feel the benefits.  Furthermore, it is very important that you read the product instructions specifically and directly apply the instructions to your lifestyle.

Out of the two weight loss programs, Plexus Slim is more favorable as the ingredients are listed better and we can access research that suggests the benefits of each ingredient separately.  Plexus Slim may also suit those individuals who want to mix one supplement drink per day as opposed to consuming supplement tablets.  However, whichever weight loss supplement you choose, there is no supplement for leading a healthy lifestyle consisting of a balanced diet and regular exercise.