Many think of coin collecting as the validation of historical events; where the architecture of coin images encapsulates significant personalities, stories, or timelines. But believe it or not, the utterly mistaken, misprinted coins have found their charm and value among enthusiasts. These odd-looking coins, dubbed as error coins, are outcomes of some manufacturing bloopers at the mint, and not any post-mint damage that occurred later.

If you’re wondering how these mishaps occur — well, here’s what’s surprising. There are three ways these errors can manifest — Planchet, Die, and Strike errors.

Diving into the Errors: A Small Kerfuffle, Big Worth

Planchet errors occur when the blanks, which are the raw materials of coins, are not prepared right. Could be a curious case of misshaped, over-thick, or even blank planchets used for minting. And BAM! You get a coin worth more than its face value – just because of a silly mistake.

Die errors take place during the design imprints, where mistakes can lead to doubling of designs or mismatch of dies resulting in a “mule” coin. Then lo and behold! You’ve got a coin that might just buy you the next PS5!

Strike errors are a result of the misalignment during the minting process. Sometimes designs might be impressed onto the wrong sized planchets – creating one gawky, yet valuable, coin. And speaking of valuable – American eagle gold coins are right up there.

Becoming a Coin Sleuth: The Hunt for Errors

Such errors usually occur in batches so if you spot one error, chances are there are hundreds or thousands more out there.


However, a caveat — Since the misprints are accidental, even the mint may not know how many are out there. Long story short — error coin hunting is akin to a treasure hunt.

Locations for the Hunt

Coin roll searching and cherrypicking are two preferred hunting methods. Your neighborhood bank where you cash in your paycheck? It might just hold your lucky coin roll. A friend’s estate sale or your local thrift store coin section could also turn out to your favorite hunting grounds.

Prominent Error Coins in U.S Mint’s History

American Mints have had their share of goof-ups. From mismatched dies to off-center strikes – America’s history might not have been perfect, but apparently, its coins weren’t either.


In closing; building a collection of value might not always mean seeking the rarest and aesthetically brilliant. Sometimes, it is for the goof-ups, mishaps, and in this case – minting errors that could build a collection of astonishing value and intrigue. If you think about it, the curious charm of something uniquely wrong can make things just so right.

A precious error coin might just be waiting in your pocket change. Keep an eye out for those peculiar oddities — because they’re out there.