Sports are an integral part of life in India and other Asian countries. Many people not only follow the events, but also place online bets at casinos and bookmakers. The benefit is real if you use the accumulated knowledge about a certain sport and closely follow world matches, fights or tournaments. For example, such a type of direction as 1xBet cricket is popular, on par with hockey or baseball. The game is played between two teams of 11 people each, and the one that completely takes out the opponent’s batsmen from the field wins. After that, the teams switch roles: batsmen become bowlers (pitchers) and vice versa.

Non-contact sports resemble hockey in some ways and baseball in others, but it is a peculiar trend that attracts bettors from all over the world. The betting company 1xBet guarantees minimum deposits of 1-euro, good odds and bonus accruals in the amount of 26 rupees (with a promo code).

Features of The Sports Discipline Cricket And Betting on The 1xBet Website

This system has its own intricacies that fans are usually aware of. For example, it is necessary to destroy the opponent’s wicket, built on a rectangle of the field, and also to make sure that the batsmen are out of the game.

Just like in other disciplines, there is a division into formats and categories:

  1. Test cricket.
  2. Cricket with limited overs.
  3. National championships.
  4. International tournaments.
  5. Regional federations.


As for the outcomes, they rarely end in a draw in cricket. Therefore, carefully review previous matches, take a closer look at what tricks players make to beat the opponent, who is more often among the outsiders, and so on.

You need to create an account and make your first deposit to place a bet, just like for gambling. The gambling platform contains many disciplines of a sporting nature. You can find a soccer, hockey, swimming, racing and so on among them, starting from classics to exotics for every taste. No matter whether you choose a single or a team direction, it is easy and simple to make a bet. You need to register and start earning money by filling in betting coupons.

How to Make Deposits And Withdraw Cash Rewards

Cricket is a favorite sport in India and around the world, so betting on it is easy and simple thanks to your knowledge. You don’t need to be an expert of cricket statistics to fill in the correct coupon and make a prediction at 1xBet.. You can make a deposit by funding your account in the currency in which you are going to withdraw the accumulated money. If it is rupees, deposit them, and if it is dollars, replenish the account in conventional units. The process is available immediately after registration and login to the bookmaker’s office.

Start playing for free using the accrued betting bonuses and appreciate the advantages of the best bookmaker on the world stage. The company has been operating for more than 16 years, and it has obtained a license and legally provides entertainment services. There is no doubt that your data will stay safe, so bravely get popcorn and enjoy live streaming. The great thing is that you can place your bets at any time – during or before the match. You will also receive round-the-clock support at different stages of using the resource online. You can withdraw money in different ways, choose the right one: cryptocurrency, e-wallets, or bank cards.


Let us remind you that cricket is the most frequently played sporting event around the world. Therefore, there is no point in waiting for a certain season. Place your bets all the time and win. Study the world leaders in this discipline, although India proves to be the best in this sport, but do not ignore other players. It is quite possible that they will bring you a nice cash bonus!