Medical marijuana is rapidly becoming more and more popular, and there is a lot of research into the potential benefits of medical marijuana, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be?


Many Rhode Island doctors agree that there are beneficial uses of medical marijuana – that’s why they prescribe it! In Rhode Island, a medical marijuana card can be approved for a whole range of conditions, from glaucoma and severe nausea to Alzheimer’s and PTSD.

Medical marijuana is becoming increasingly popular as it has shown great potential with antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-nausea properties among others. There are so many possible therapeutic applications, and with a myriad of ongoing research, its popularity will continue to grow.

As cannabis is made up of over 100 different chemicals, it has more of an “all-round” effect rather than targeting a singular symptom or a small number of related symptoms like the majority of pharmaceutical drugs. As well as aiding pain management, cannabis use is known to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and relax muscles to name but a few, which can improve overall well-being and therefore support recovery.

This multifaceted functionality of medical marijuana also gives it great potential for supporting people living with complex chronic health conditions which affect their lives in more ways than one. Reducing the number of pharmaceutical drugs required to manage a patient’s symptoms reduces the likelihood of adverse reactions between medications, as well as shortening the list of potential side effects.

Patients with a Rhode Island MMJ card can buy medical marijuana from licensed Compassion Centers, where they can rest assured they are getting safe marijuana that meets state regulations. This makes cannabis use safer so that patients can enjoy the benefits without any of the worry about where their cannabis was cultivated etc.

There is also growing evidence to support claims that cannabis has the potential to combat the opioid addiction epidemic, which is rife in North America. Cannabis has been shown to potentially mitigate pain and discomfort, which is commonly treated with opioids, and to reduce withdrawal symptoms, which can result in patients reducing and even ceasing opioid use entirely with very few side effects.



However, doctors also have some concerns about the ever-growing use of medical marijuana in Rhode Island. Medical marijuana has been a contentious topic from the outset, and there is still a lot of doubt about its safety and efficacy within the medical science community.

On the opposing side of the fence, Rhode Island doctors argue that the use of cannabis for those suffering from opioid addiction still poses risks due to its potential effects such as addiction, psychosis and cognitive impairment. Some studies even show that patients who use cannabis and opioids in an effort to reduce opioid dosage experience greater physical and psychological distress.

The psychoactive effects of medical marijuana are also concerning as it may impair judgment and reaction speeds, making things such as driving extremely dangerous. Additionally, there is the potential abuse liability as over 80% of medical marijuana patients are thought to also use marijuana for recreational purposes. Doctors are hesitant to prescribe a substance that has high potential to be misused or lead to inappropriate usage habits.

There is also a lack of substantiated clinical evidence to support its therapeutic use, no guidance on dosage, and some studies suggest there may be respiratory issues related to frequently smoking marijuana. This uncertainty puts some Rhode Island doctors off prescribing it altogether.


Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Card

So, if you feel that the pros outweigh the cons, and you suffer from an eligible medical condition, then a Rhode Island medical marijuana card will probably be of interest to you! There are numerous benefits to holding an MMJ card, and the process is fairly straightforward.

Due to the differing opinions discussed above, not all Rhode Island doctors will be willing to write you a recommendation for the use of medical marijuana, so going through a company like MMJ Card Online will ensure that you speak to a doctor who firmly believes in the benefits of MMJ and will be more than happy to recommend you as long as you meet the criteria.

Rhode Island medical marijuana card holders are permitted to grow up to 12 mature and 12 immature plants, which is four times more than recreational users. Cardholders can also possess up to 2.5 ounces of dried marijuana in comparison to 1 ounce for recreational users. Medical marijuana patients in Rhode Island are also exempt from paying excise tax on the cannabis they purchase (13%) so it will also save you money!

If you would like to see if you’re eligible, head to MMJ Card Online and find out.