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Pivotal Commware, a telecommunications start-up, recently raised $50 million to develop 5G products and solutions. The company is bringing cutting-edge technology to market and is working to improve the speed and efficiency of 5G networks.

This article will provide an overview of Pivotal Commware’s 5G technology, its benefits, and its potential impact on the telecommunications industry.

Overview of Pivotal Commware

Pivotal Commware is a leading developer of 5G products and applications for mobile, transportation, and industrial markets. Founded in 2016, the company has quickly grown to become one of the most prominent players in the 5G space. The company has secured $50M in additional funding, which will enable them to expand their offering of high-quality 5G services and products.

Pivotal Commware’s 5G technology enables high-speed internet access without having to install extensive infrastructure or wait for traditional cellular networks to catch up. The company is pioneering mmWave technology that utilizes a unique ability to reflect and absorb electromagnetic energy (sometimes called retrodirectivity), allowing their devices to be smaller than ever. Their devices are installed on rooftops, towers and buildings to bring wireless access faster than any currently offered by traditional providers.

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In addition, Pivotal Commware provides a variety of services designed specifically for mobile users such as:

  • Broadband streaming over LTE
  • MultiLink support for distributed content downloads
  • Low latency gaming
  • With increasing investments from private investors like Qualcomm Ventures into Pivotal Commware’s network deployments, they are clearly positioned well as a major player in the world of 5G internet connectivity.

Pivotal Commware raises $50M for 5G products

Pivotal Commware, a leading provider of advanced wireless networking technologies, has recently announced the completion of its Series B funding round at $50M. This successful fundraising was largely attributed to the company’s developing 5G technologies and products to support expanding network infrastructure requirements.

5G technology is the fifth generation of cellular network technology, deployed by telecommunications providers world-wide to enable faster data transmission over mobile networks than ever before. Compared with 4G LTE (Fourth Generation Long-Term Evolution), 5G networks are much faster, more reliable and energy efficient. The pivotally important improvement is that these new networks have vastly increased data rates and low latency enabling applications such as driverless cars, smart cities and precision healthcare solutions to come into existence commercially.

The three key performance indicators for 5G are extreme mobile broadband (xMBB), ultra-reliable & low-latency communications (URLLC) and massive machine type communications (mMTC). These three characteristics often cannot be met by 4G or other previous generation technologies making it extremely beneficial for businesses to upgrade their current infrastructure while looking towards this new technology as a viable solution.

It is no surprise that Pivotal Commware has seen such success in their Series B funding round due to this ever growing need for higher grades of mobile telecommunications services that demand tight control over various aspects like spectral efficiency. It will be exciting to see what types of projects this extra capital enables them to bring forward in terms of innovative products within the realm of 5G technologies!

Pivotal Commware’s 5G Products

Pivotal Commware, a U.S-based provider of 5G products and services, has recently announced a $50 million Series C funding round. This funding is set to help the company continue to develop and launch a range of 5G technologies. Pivotal Commware is praised for its cutting-edge 5G technology, and consumers and businesses use its products.

Holographic Beam Forming Antennas

Holographic Beam Forming (HBF) antennas from Pivotal Commware are designed to enhance coverage, capacity, and reliability for 5G networks. By using electronically steerable directional beams, the HBF series amplifies signals in the direction of users and objects rather than in all directions. This targeted coverage helps to minimize interference, maximize throughput, and cover areas with thin or spotty wireless coverage.

The range of HBF antennas are designed to complement 5G radio access networks (RAN), such as small cell towers and repeaters in campus or urban settings. The antennas help ensure that users have continuous access to reliable network connections while controlling the cost of deploying massive MIMO architectures.

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Pivotal Commware’s signature products focus on the millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum. They include end-to-end solutions covering towers, indoor and outdoor radios, routers, beam forming antenna arrays (BFAs), virtual antenna arrays (VAAs)and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML). These 5G products offer increased speed, lower latency and improved mobile data capabilities compared with 4G LTE networks. The company has deployed several successful projects worldwide and is expanding its business reach.

Reflective Surface Antennas

Pivotal Commware is a Seattle‑based company that designs and manufactures reflective surface antennas for 5G cellular network deployments. These revolutionary antennas are made of a dielectric (non-conductive) material to reduce costs and enhance signal performance compared to traditional parabolic antennas. The result is an efficient, lightweight and reliable antenna that is ideally suited for 5G backhaul, small cell LTE/5G eNodeB applications, and edge compute solutions in urban environments.

By enabling localized data transmission between networks and devices, Reflective Surface Antennas improve the speed of a cellular network by reducing interference, saving spectrum, improving data flows and reducing costs associated with transmissions over long distances. Additionally, due to their low profile design, they can be integrated into different physical spaces such as walls or ceilings and are compatible with both active and passive antenna systems.

These features make Pivotal Commware’s Reflective Surface Antenna technology highly attractive in 5G deployments worldwide as operators race to bring higher capacity wireless networks to users in more places than ever before. Additionally, in 2020 Pivotal Commware raised $50 million from investors including Intel Capital, SK Telecom Ventures and UMC Capital, signaling confidence in its array of innovative 5G products.

Beam Steering Software

Pivotal Commware has developed beam steering software to support 5G network technology. Their software uses “beam forming, beam tracking and beam tuning algorithms” that allow cell sites to aim their signals in certain directions, meaning customers only receive signals from the cells they need instead of a higher concentration from all directions. This technology allows cells to be used more effectively, creating a better and more powerful network for customers.

Pivotal Commware’s 5G Beam Steering Software works with distributed antenna systems, which can expand cell coverage to challenging terrain and provide better access in places where a traditional cell tower may not have been able to reach previously, such as parking garages or stadiums. In addition, the technology designed by Pivotal Commware gives these distributed antenna systems the ability to lock on and track mobile devices as they move throughout an area and maintain communication between users without sacrificing performance or reliability.

The enhanced coverage provided by this technology is highly beneficial in locations with high data demand. This removes some of the pressure off the cell towers, allowing them to be used more efficiently and leading to a smoother customer experience when using cellular data services. This can also lead to cost savings due to reduced operational expenses related to running multiple physical cell sites and fewer capital expenditures related to building infrastructure for each site.

Benefits of Pivotal Commware’s 5G Technology

Pivotal Commware raised $50M in funding from investors to develop a new suite of 5G products. The company’s 5G technology promises unprecedented speeds and capacities to mobile networks. In addition, the technology provides a cost-effective, efficient solution for carriers, IoT, and wireless applications.

Improved network coverage

Pivotal Commware’s 5G technology is laser-focused on providing improved network coverage to ensure that communications are reliable and secure. It capitalizes on breakthroughs in metamaterial-based antenna technologies and a suite of proprietary software modules to markedly increase coverage range while minimizing interference and improving overall system performance.

By utilizing its novel MIMO with space-time block coding (STBC) technique, Pivotal Commware’s 5G technology delivers up to 5x the coverage area at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional network alternatives. Its cutting-edge 5G digital beamforming approaches allow channel reutilization within available spectrum capacity, allowing for simultaneous communications amongst multiple users within the same geographical location.

Additionally, this technology offers increased energy efficiency through its advanced beam management capabilities, allowing for power consumption optimizations while maintaining or increasing system performance levels. Ultimately, Pivotal Commware’s 5G technology offers both cost and energy savings benefits with improved network coverage over a large geographic area.

Increased data speeds

Pivotal Commware’s 5G technology can greatly increase data speeds for both fixed and mobile devices. It utilizes an advanced beamforming system to deliver more control and power over transmission direction, enabling the signals to reach further distances with higher accuracy. This allows Pivotal Commware’s 5G technology to offer up to 100 times faster peak download data speeds than other current wireless technologies including 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and others.

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With faster speed, users can experience enhanced gaming and streaming capabilities without concern of buffering or lags. Additionally, this high-performance 5G technology has improved latency times meaning that customers receive their content in a much more timely manner than traditional platforms which takes longer due processing times of outdated connection infrastructure.

Lower latency

Pivotal Commware’s 5G technology can open up new opportunities for communication networks with its ability to deliver lower latency and higher bandwidth compared to existing solutions. The company’s technology uses Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to place the signal closer to the user device, allowing the signal to reach them more quickly. In addition, pivotal Commware’s patented approach of using reflectors helps alleviate interference by sending signals in different directions and separating data and voice traffic into separate paths.

This can lead to an increase in performance as it is no longer limited by the capacity of a single antenna system, thus allowing much more data throughput with lower latency than other technologies. Lower latency not only improves comfort levels when using applications such as live video streaming or gaming, but it also allows for enhanced mobile broadband for applications such as augmented and virtual reality, vehicle automation and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). These are fields where even small increases in technical package delivery speed translate into major improvements in user experiences.

Investors and Strategic Partners

Pivotal Commware, a Seattle-based 5G startup, recently announced a $50M raise to deploy their patented technology that enables high-speed millimeter wave products. The investment news showcases the company’s further commitment to the utilities and applications of next-generation mobile networks.

Pivotal Commware raised the funds from new investors such as Meson Capital and Partner Fund Management, alongside strategic partners like SoftBank Group. Other partners include IDC Frontier Capital, Pangaea Ventures, and Vulcan Capital. These investments offer stability to Pivotal Commware as they continue to develop market solutions for 5G networks.

As part of their venture capital raise, Pivotal Commware has also announced plans to license their exceptional technology for non-standalone (NSA) 5G applications and stand-alone (SA) projects. This authorizes and further incentivizes third parties to adopt their cutting-edge products for commercial use with highly lucrative business prospects through new partnerships enabled by advanced network infrastructure improvements implemented by Pivotal Communications’ technology suite.

The current development follows a successful merge between Verso Networks Inc., Celona and SData Networks Inc., in 2020 when a total of $17M was acquired by the tech firm of which $7M had been invested previously. These funds were dedicated towards product development as well as sales expansion efforts in anticipation of the upcoming surge in growth potential particularly more so due to 5G related projects that many telecom magnates both inside and outside US have already begun work on for years now before it gained recent traction after 2020 US presidential elections resulted in policy reforms favoring public ownership of networks within USA under current presidency’s vision “5G America” program launched earlier this year.

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