Have you ever blocked someone on your iPhone, only to later wonder what those blocked messages said? Your iPhone doesn’t let you view messages from blocked numbers by default, but there are a few workarounds. Together with Parentaler, we have gathered some ways to see blocked text messages iPhone.

Check Recently Deleted Messages

One way to potentially view blocked messages on your iPhone is to check your recently deleted messages. When you block someone on your iPhone, any existing conversations with that person are deleted. However, these conversations go into your “Recently Deleted” folder, where they remain for up to 30 days.

To view deleted messages from a blocked number on your iPhone:

1. Open the Messages app.

2. Tap the “Edit” button in the upper-left corner.

3. Tap “Show Recently Deleted” – this will display your deleted messages.

4. Look for any conversations with the blocked person’s name or number – these are your blocked messages.

You can see and read these blocked messages iPhone for up to a month before they are permanently deleted. So, if you just blocked someone very recently, checking your recently deleted messages is a good way to view those blocked messages on your iPhone.

Use a Different Phone Number

Since your iPhone blocks all messages and calls coming from a specific number, one workaround is to view the blocked messages on a different phone.

If you have another device and phone number, you can try unblocking the person’s number temporarily. This will allow blocked messages to come through to the other phone. Be sure to re-block them after viewing the messages.

You can also ask a friend if you can temporarily use their phone number to view blocked messages. It can also be a way how to see messages from blocked numbers on iPhone. Just be sure they are okay with receiving messages from the blocked person.

Using a separate device and phone number essentially acts as a blank slate, bypassing the iPhone’s block against that specific number. It allows you to see blocked messages without unblocking on your personal iPhone.

Ask Your Carrier

As another way how to check blocked messages on an iPhone, you may be able to contact your cell phone carrier and ask them directly for records of blocked messages. Keep in mind carriers may be reluctant or unable to provide these records, depending on their policies.

But for SMS text messages, your carrier should have their own records of all texts sent to your number – even those you blocked on your iPhone. You can ask them to provide transcripts of blocked messages sent during a certain time period.


There’s no guarantee the carrier will provide these records, but it’s worth contacting their customer support to politely inquire about viewing blocked messages sent to your iPhone’s number.

Unblock The Sender

Of course, the simplest way how to check blocked messages on iPhone to view blocked messages on your iPhone is to unblock the sender. But this also lets the person contact you again in the future, which you may want to avoid.

Temporarily unblocking a number just to view past messages can work. But be sure to immediately re-block them after viewing the messages, so your iPhone blocks any future communication attempts.

To unblock someone:

1. Go to Settings > Messages > Blocked Contacts.

2. Tap Edit.

3. Tap the red circle next to the person’s name to unblock them.

This will allow you to view any messages they already sent, as well as any new ones they send until you re-block them. It’s an option, but be careful not to forget to block them again.

Can You See Blocked Messages on iPhone?

While the methods mentioned can help you view iPhone blocked messages, it’s important to consider why you blocked someone in the first place. Re-opening communication channels, even just to read past messages, defeats the purpose of blocking and can invite further unwanted interaction.  

If you feel unsafe or harassed by the blocked person, it’s best not to unlock that door again. Prioritize your safety and well-being. However, if you simply have a minor disagreement and want closure, there are safe ways to briefly glimpse blocked messages. Just be cautious not to actually contact the blocked person again.


Evaluate your specific situation and motivation first. In many cases, leaving past iPhone blocked messages unseen and maintaining the block is healthiest. But if reading them provides closure, and you can do so safely, use the safest method with the least contact. Get what you need, then close the door firmly again. Make your well-being the priority when deciding whether to seek access to messages from a blocked person.


While the iPhone does not natively show you messages from blocked numbers, there are some workarounds. Blocking someone is usually meant to prevent further contact. But if you need to recover past iPhone blocked messages, these methods can help you view that historical content.