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Migraines stick, and they stick even worse whenever you find that they are happening as you are out and about. Migraines, even minor ones, can cause every single activity you do to grind to a halt as you try to deal with the discomfort and the pain. If you need to fight off migraines on the go, then here are some of the best strategies that you can use.

Stop Drinking Too Much Caffeine

While you might find that tea, coffee, soda, and other drinks that have caffeine start to soothe migraines, and they can become your go-to relief for headaches, they can also be part of the problem. Once the caffeine wears off, then you can get an even worse rebound migraine! This can create a vicious cycle that causes a lot of problems for you.

In order to prevent a caffeine-caused migraine, then you might need to lay off the caffeinated drinks and see if they are causing your migraines. While that doesn’t mean you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee or a soothing drink of tea, you shouldn’t be drinking them daily.


Sometimes stress headaches are the worst kind. Brought on by having a lot of stress in your life, you might find that your stressful life circumstances are causing you both migraines and other pain as well. Therefore, having ways to destress in response to life’s stressful situations is going to be very beneficial for your long-term physical and mental health.

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If you are on the go, you might not be able to perform all the self-care rituals that you would normally do, but even taking two minutes to breathe slowly and deeply or to perform a quick five-minute mediation ritual can help you lower your stress and start to calm yourself down.

Have Pain Medication Handy

Even if you have something as simple as ibuprofen on hand, keeping some pain medication in your pocket or purse can help you outlast the pain and keep on moving on the go. Just make sure that the pain medication is fast acting, and you will be good to go. However, you don’t want to rely on constantly taking pain medication in order to deal with your headaches. Instead, you need to figure out what is causing the headaches you are feeling and try to cut them off at the source.

Still, make sure that whenever you take the pain medication, you know when to take it and how long it works. For example, if you feel a headache coming on, it can be good to know that the medication takes five minutes to take effect, especially if you have big things to do! In order to get the best fast-acting medication, then you need to try Sumatriptan tablets as well.

Make Sure You Are Drinking Enough

If you are constantly on the go, you might find that you are neglecting some of the things that will keep you from having a headache as well as other negative symptoms. These can include eating a proper diet (as certain foods can trigger headaches. Additionally, you should consider getting enough sleep and also drinking enough water.

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Dehydration can cause a lot of headaches for the body, and sometimes simply drinking a glass of water can soothe a headache. If you are constantly on the go, then you might find that you aren’t drinking enough water in between activities, and doing so might help you avoid headaches.

Know When To Slow Down And Rest

Finally, whenever you are constantly on the go, it can cause a lot of problems for you, especially if you aren’t stopping to rest. Sometimes a headache can be your body’s best way to let you know that you need to stop and recover. Sleep can be the best pain reliever out there, and even a quick nap in a dark room can be enough to remove your headache.

As much as it might be hard to close your eyes and rest when there is work to be done, you will be 100% more effective at your job if you are migraine free!

Defeat Migraines and Don’t Let Them Slow You Down!

You can very easily defeat migraines with several methods, and while the pain of having headaches might stick, you don’t need to worry about them impacting you as you keep on going on the go! Pick a method to defeat a migraine and then give it a try, and you’ll be pain-free in no time.