Some women are luckier than others in terms of the condition of their natural hair. While this can often be attributed to genetics, we should also remember that there are many ways in which even dull and frizzy follicles can be transformed into luscious and glowing locks. Let us examine four targeted solutions as well as the benefits that each has to offer.

The Possible Dangers of Tap Water

Did you know that even seemingly harmless tap water might actually be damaging your hair? This can often occur due to the presence of chlorine, calcium, and magnesium (present in hard water). If you suspect that this may be an issue, it is wise to obtain a quality water test kit. You can then either purchase a filter or only wash your hair with distilled water.

Keratin Treatments

Keratin is a vital component of your hair. While this protein is frequently associated with your skin and nails, it can also make or break the appearance of your locks. The main problem here is that some women have difficulty producing keratin naturally.


They will instead opt for professional treatments. Still, there are many organic shampoos that contain ample amounts of keratin.

Studies have shown that this substance can make your hair brighter, stronger and softer over time.

You Are What You Eat

The diet also plays an extremely important role in relation to the health of your hair (as well as your entire body). Unfortunately, many of us overlook this key component due to increasingly hectic daily routines. If you are not receiving the proper vitamins and minerals, there is little doubt that your hair will suffer as a result. Here are some foods to include in your daily meals:

  • Eggs (rich in a hair-friendly protein known as biotin).
  • Red berries (these contain ample amounts of vitamin C as well as antioxidants).
  • Spinach (high concentrations of iron, folate, and vitamin A).
  • Salmon (fish contain omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient for healthy hair growth).
  • Sweet potatoes (another rich and tasty source of vitamin A).

 Feel free to experiment with different recipes in accordance with your personal tastes and the time each meal will take to prepare.

Vitamin E Supplements

It should not come as a great surprise that vitamin E is directly linked to healthy hair, skin and nails. This nutrient can be purchased as a pill, cream, or oil. While pills are somewhat useful, topical treatments in the form of an oil or cream will often offer the best results within a shorter period of time.


We should also note that vitamin E will promote a supple and youthful appearance, so it can be used as a cream for your face, neck, and hands. There is even some evidence that suggests vitamin E may help prevent hair loss (although research is still ongoing).

 On a final note, always remember that achieving a healthy head of hair will require time and patience. Still, the end results are well worth the effort!