Styling and choosing clothes had never been so difficult until everyone wanted to be a representation of how they express their personality. With that said, it will be helpful to take note of the tips and suggestions imparted in this content.

Choosing Clothing Pieces

There’s a wide selection of stores, be mindful of how clothes are made if they’re produced sustainably and ethically. Choose a brand where clothes, accessories, and personal care items are produced for inclusivity and meant to empower the slow fashion movement.

Tweaking Your Style

Find out what clothes are comfortable and what works for any body type. Do the research and mentally map out which style could work, what it can match with, and what it is that can be worn on certain occasions, either casually, formally, or both.

Outfit Selections

Here are some OOTD prompts for everyone to try. Everything listed under this portion can be found in this link

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Modern and Classic

Whether for the office or somewhere formal, dressing like a professional is the way to go.

  • Linen Wide Leg Pants or Trousers (see guide to washing linen)
  • Dress shirt or a Blouse
  • Blazer
  • Watch or Simple Earrings


Have fun with colors and patterns, and maybe even layer the garments.

  • Sleeveless Playsuit or Patterned Pants
  • Turtleneck Top


Going out for an active day also requires a good outfit.

  • Biker Shorts or Jogging Pants
  • Sports Bra or a Shirt
  • Jumper

Comfortable Loungewear

Staying at home and just lazing about on a rest day? Be in clothes that gives a homey feel.

  • Joggers
  • Longsleeve
  • Socks


On a normal day, basic garments are always worn.

  • Jeans
  • Button-down Shirts or Cotton Tees

Personal Care

Looking good is just as important as feeling good. Take care of the skin and the body with local, vegan, and organically made products. Bath, body, and skincare goods are made to make everyone feel nice, so get into that care ritual with these items:

  • Exfoliating Glove
  • Body Scrubs
  • Body Wash
  • Clay Masks
  • Serum
  • Makeup Products

For example, DIY lash extensions are an amazing way to glam up your look in an instant! Whether you’re attending a special event, or just want to feel more confident day-to-day, DIY lash extensions can help you create a unique and stylish style that won’t go unnoticed. DIY lashes provide volume, length, and texture that will change your entire look in an instant. When you choose DIY lash extensions, you get the choice of shapes, lengths, curls, and colors for you to customize your new look. DIY lash extensions also offer convenience; with easy application and removal as well as long-lasting wear time, DIY lashes make it easy to switch up your style without needing to invest time or money into salon visits. 

The Dos When Shopping

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It’s better to have a list of needed garments, in which color, and what vibe the piece goes for. Say, look for a skirt that can be worn with a shirt or a fancy blouse. Don’t just aggressively sort through options and pick whichever is prettiest. Sometimes it won’t coordinate with the rest of what’s in the closet at home.

Plan The Wardrobe

Pick essential garments that can be mixed and matched with almost everything. Choose or create a color palette, so when going out or going online to buy clothes, narrowing down the selection makes it easier to pick.

Fit and Proportion

There are three ways to go when considering a size choice; oversized, under-sized, or normal fit. Either way, it all depends on what looks good in the body type and if it makes the shopper feel good. Aside from that, know that following the body proportion and flattering the natural shape in selecting outfits is the best advice.

Colors, Patterns, Textures

Settle with a color palette that is followed through. It is not obliged to pick only bland shades and plain attires. Adding shapes like printed patterns and textures like various materials for garments can also add that style-savvy factor to the outfits. You can even buy custom garments such as socks here which can be designed with the exact colors and patterns you want.


Simply putting together clothes is not enough. Accessories will give that outfit the impact it needs. Matching the adornments to clothes is easy; go with jewelry that complements the skin and the colors of the pieces. Wear a fancy hat, statement ring or earring, a necklace, or a belt. Choose from any of those, but never wear it all at once, maybe a combination of two.


This year’s trend in fashion leans more into inclusivity, finding out what works for individuals, and contributing to slow fashion movements. Being fashionable is all about knowing what works for which taste and body type and having confidence in the attire. Other than that, keeping in mind the tips stated in this write-up will help elevate the fashion sense in everyone.