According to the latest research, Instagram has around 1 billion active users every month. That makes Instagram one the most popular social media platform in the world. With such a rapid growth of social media platforms in general, a whole new market has emerged, the market of social media influencers. 

What it means, and what it takes to be a social media influencer? An influencer has a big following on social media and is an expert in a certain field like photography, sports, fashion, cooking, makeup, etc. What that person posts, what they say can have an influence on their followers’ decisions. So the name makes sense as to why we call them influencers. If you want to become an influencer, or you’re trying to become one, we came up with a few tips that can help you become successful in it.

Know your niche

First, you got to figure out what your target audience is and your niche. Ideally, something you’re good at or you know a lot about and can share your knowledge on. Let’s say you’re good at cooking, for example, you can come up with interesting recipes, make eye-catching and entertaining videos and photos, and that way share your cooking knowledge through social media. Ensure that once you decide and set your narrative on one niche, stick with it. What’s really important is that whatever niche you pick reflects you and your passion, it has to be organic and not forced, and something you’re good at and know a lot about.

Who is your audience?

Okay, so you’ve picked your niche, now is the time to figure out who your target audience is. The question here is, who would be interested in whatever niche you chose to stick with. Once you determine that, it will be a lot easier to connect with your potential followers and audience in general. If cooking is your niche, you’ll be targeting foodies. If your niche is cooking healthy/vegan/raw, your target audience will be health-conscious individuals and athletes. Do your research and see the kind of people or what demographics are interested in your niche and target them.

Be consistent

A few years ago, Instagram’s algorithm was a whole different ball game than it is today. You could sporadically post your content and still grow in terms of views and followers. Today that’s not the case. You need to figure out when to post your content and stick to it. For example, if you live in Europe and your target audience is both in Europe and North America, you want to make sure to post your content according to the time difference, so both your followers in Europe and North America can see your posts as soon as you post them. Maybe you want to post your content certain days a week or every day at a certain time; whatever you choose, make sure to stick to it.

Get a business account ASAP

Getting an Instagram business account will help you use Instagram’s tools which will help you keep track of your followers, their interactions, and reach through Instagram’s “Insights” tool. You will be able to see and get to know your follower’s demographics, what time of the day they are most active, profile views, website visits, and similar data that is extremely helpful in order to grow your following. 

Alrighty, so to summarize everything, you want to grow your account, you want to have influence, do not forget it is a lot of work. It’s a full-time job because it’s not just a hobby where you will post a video or a photo or an Instagram story. You need to be ready to interact with your audience and be on top of your profile; being an influencer is a full-time job. Your content must be visually appealing, your feeds need to captivate your audience. Be strategic about where you want to go with your Instagram profile, what you want to achieve and how you plan on getting there. Like aforementioned, find the niche which will help you figure out what content to create and how to create it and who to pitch it to.

Good luck and have fun on your journey of becoming an influencer.