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Despite the unspoken tension and uncertainties that characterize the games, the thrill of winning a prize at casinos is an experience to die for. Persons who have dared to venture into Casino houses know how unpredictable the games could be. Even though more people are accustomed to losing, winning enormous sums is also possible, especially after the Yukon Gold casino login.

Perhaps, you’re also wondering if fate will one day smile on you as you test the waters of casino gambling. These stories from the veterans of the games will spur you never to give up. These heroes stuck to their guns and never backed off. Read up about them and continue in your search to become an overnight millionaire.

Here is a list of renowned casino veterans from which you could learn a thing or two.

Elmer Sherwin -The Slot Game veteran

Elmer was once a military officer who became famous after becoming a millionaire, thanks to two milestones of Megabuck wins at a casino. At two separate successful attempts, the Windsor-born famous WWII veteran hit the jackpot and won a total sum of USD 25 million in his old age. He amassed this much wealth after winning twice in Megabucks slot progressive jackpot games. 

In 1989, Elmer was traveling with his wife Florence, but both had a stopover at the grand commissioning of Mirage Hotel and Casino. Elmer staked a total of $120 and hit a $4.6 million jackpot. Sixteen years later, precisely in 2005, the then 91-year-old walked into Cannery Casino and played the Megabucks slot machines. With his first shot at the game, Elmer hit a whopping 21 million dollar jackpot. His age and the time lag were enough to get him discouraged or make him give up on betting. But Elmer stuck to his passion and kept at gaming till he won.

Don Johnson – The Blackjack Star

Our next casino veteran is Don Johnson, an Oregon-born horse racing enthusiast. Before his big win in 2011, Johnson was only known as the Miami Vice actor. He had been involved in the gambling arena as a state gaming regulator, Parx casino manager, and horseracing software developer. As insignificant as they appeared, these exposures enabled him to learn the skill of blackjack. 

His first jackpot was in the fall of 2010 when Johnson tried his hand at the now-defunct Trump Taj Mahal and won himself a then-record of $220,000. When the opportunity presented itself again, but now at a bigger up-for-grabs stake, he negotiated favorable rules with the Atlantic City casinos and swiped them clean of a monstrous USD 15 million. Sometimes, instead of asking for lavish comps, you could bargain for more favorable rules. Especially, if the casino is desperate for profit maximization and you’re ready to wager on high rollers, you could ask that the house rules be slightly bent. Who knows, you might win the negotiation as Johnson did.

Phil Ivey – Online Poker Guru

Next up on our casino veteran success is our dear living Alabama-born Phil Ivey who has become a cult hero in the casino and online poker. Before the decline in the online poker industry, Phil found his way into the Poker Hall of fame. He exerted his dominance within the peak periods of the poker industry (2000-2010) and won almost 19 million USD. Although the industry has declined dramatically, Phil was still able to recoup 23.87 million USD by venturing into live cash games and online tournaments. 

Appearing under the screen name ‘Polarizing’, Phil was said to have lost $3 million in Full Tilt Poker. But was that enough to deter him from taking home more than sixfold of his loss? Perhaps, he who laughs last laughs best. His total earnings in profit in online cash games are summed at $36,891,964. These are outside the 1998 live tournament cash-out of nine WSOP bracelets.

Joseph Jagger – Roulette Genius

The story of Joe should teach every punter that life itself is a risk. Everyone knows how chancy table or card games are. Especially if you stake on roulette, your probability of beating the roulette wheel hangs significantly on luck than on any strategy. How did Joseph, the roulette genius and Monte Carlo master, hit a crazy £12m jackpot? Let’s explore the story.

In the 1870’s Joseph, the engineer used his understanding of mathematics and engineering to win a fortune in Roulette. He planned his move carefully and even hired clerks who recorded Roulette results for him. After careful study, he discovered what numbers the wheels ‘preferred”. And storming the Monte Carlo casino, he won £12 million and spend on luxurious stuff including a great Mother’s day gift.


As opposed to the popular notion about betting, these Casino veterans have shown that it is possible to make it big on betting. Indeed, it is not going to be a walk in the park, but keep dreaming, playing, and having fun in the ever fantastic world of betting.