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Getting pregnant and having a baby is one of the best things a woman can experience. Whether through natural means or artificial methods such as artificial insemination or In vitro fertilization, women should do everything they can to be healthy during pregnancy. 

Preparing yourself for such a big moment calls for more than just eating healthy and staying fit. Although those two ways are big parts of it, you’ll need so much more to sustain you and your unborn baby’s health during these crucial months. With that said, here are some tips that can help you with your health when pregnant.

Eating Right

Even if you’re not trying to conceive or not even pregnant, eating right should always be the way to go. Healthy food is one of the best ways to stay healthy when pregnant. Your body and baby need all the nutrients you can get from the right food. Most of the time, vegetables and fruits are the number one options for a safe and healthy pregnancy. However, don’t skimp out on protein sources as they’re also necessary.

Here’s a list of food that are especially good for pregnant women:

● Broccoli

● Spinach

● Kale

● Berries

● Baked potatoes

● Tomatoes

● Whole wheat bread

● Fish

● Chicken

● Lentils

● Low-fat Milk

● Carrots

● Oats

You should also avoid rare meats, processed food, and high in sugar and salt. Also, be wary of where you get fish. Although fish is an excellent and safe source of Omega 3 and protein, fish caught or bred in unfavorable conditions can have high mercury content, harming you and your baby.

Staying Hydrated

Now that you’re eating and drinking for more than just one, you need to have more water than before. Most healthcare experts agree that drinking 8-12 glasses of clean water is enough to stay hydrated. However, a woman may find it hard to keep down water when pregnant as nausea and other conditions arise. 

To help you with hydration, you can get creative with your water intake. Besides pure drinking water, fruits and vegetables are good sources for staying hydrated. You can make smoothies from fruits such as mangoes, bananas, and avocados. If you want a more flavorful burst in your drinking water, you can add lemon slices, mint, cucumber, melons, etc. Avoid soda, energy drinks, coffee, and other high-sugar, high-salt drinks.

Always Take Prenatal Vitamins

Food and water are essential aspects you need to cover when pregnant. However, eating and drinking right might not be enough. To complement your healthy diet, you need to take prenatal vitamins. 

Here’s a list of prenatal vitamins that you should be taking:

● Folic Acid

● Vitamin D

● Vitamin C

● Calcium

● Niacin

● Vitamin E

● Zinc

● Iron

● Thiamine

Additionally, you might need supplements for protein such as those from optimum nutrition. Always remember to consult your doctor before taking any supplements or vitamins. The vitamins and supplements mentioned here are generally safe for pregnant women. However, your doctor needs a baseline and a look at your overall health so that they can address any problems you might have during your term.

Don’t Drink

Avoid drinking anything that has alcohol in it. Even if it has a label showing low-alcohol content, do the right thing and walk away. Alcohol can cause several harmful effects on your pregnancy. Even if you’re just planning or trying to get pregnant, avoid alcoholic drinks.

Don’t Smoke or Be Anywhere Near It

A lit cigarette stick can produce more than 7,000 harmful chemicals. So even if you’re not pregnant, you shouldn’t be smoking. If you’re not smoking, be careful of secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is just as dangerous and can be the reason for miscarriages, premature births, congenital disabilities, and poor outcomes.

Staying Active

Depending on what stage you are in your pregnancy, exercising and staying active daily is an excellent boost for your health. Before doing exercises, always consult with your doctor. 

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep provides us with a lot of benefits. When you’re pregnant, getting enough sleep lets you avoid developing high blood pressure and diabetes. Getting enough sleep also allows you to have a better mood. Take note your body is dealing with changes throughout your body. Hormones are changing and can significantly affect your mood; getting enough sleep will also help.

Avoid Stress

Speaking of hormonal changes, your body is already experiencing a lot of physical stress during pregnancy. As such, try avoiding mental stress and stressful situations altogether. It’s better to focus on your pregnancy rather than some matters. 

If you’re caught in a stressful situation and can’t avoid it, change how you would approach it. Dealing with matters calmly goes a long way and greatly benefits you. Another excellent way of calming yourself is by doing deep-breathing exercises. Practicing deep-breathing exercises helps you prepare for the big day. 


Women who are new to pregnancy might have difficulties staying healthy with the changes their body is experiencing. The tips above are some of the best advice pregnant women can follow to have a safe pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. 

If you have more questions about your pregnancy or you’re planning to get pregnant, always have a consultation with your doctor first before anything else.