Nature heals us in more ways than we can imagine, and thanks to the rising trend of green noise, we now have an opportunity to create a serener sleeping experience to shut away the chaos around us. More than a trend, this noise can transform your mental well-being and help you find the serenity you have longed for.

How is Green Noise Different From Others?

From white to pink noise and more, there are noises to soothe every personality. All types of noises differ in their frequency range. Green noise stays at around 500 Hz, making it a variation of white noise. In less technical terms, green noise delivers soothing nature sounds, including waves lapping, a stream, or a gentle waterfall.

Benefits of Incorporating Green Noise

Consider trying green noise unless you prefer to sleep with black noise (meaning complete silence). The following are four benefits of falling asleep to green noise.

1. Feel More Relaxed

Research shows that our brains interpret the pleasant pitch of nature sounds as non-threatening. For this reason, we are more relaxed because its sounds lower our fight-or-flight response. When you live far from nature, you can use green noises like water sounds to create the same soothing atmosphere to relax and fall asleep effortlessly.

2. Lower Stress

When you are chronically stressed, your body is in continual fight or flight mode even when it should not be. This constant strain and fear can lead to a weakened immune system, chronic fatigue, and a higher risk of anxiety and depression.


Since green noise promotes relaxation, it is crucial to use this form of noise when you are overwhelmed with stress. The sounds of nature can pull you out of the mental noise causing your stress as you become aware of the present moment, which is non-threatening and peaceful.

3. Forget About Other Sounds

Cars honking, people talking, and neighbors walking around in the apartment above yours are some ways noise pollution can ruin your sleep routine. With green noise, you can mask these sounds to minimize interruptions so you can turn your attention to things that make you feel restful.

4. Stay asleep

Insomnia plagues millions of people worldwide. Some can fall asleep fairly quickly but then wake up a few hours later, unable to fall back asleep. The gentle sounds of green noise can help you stay asleep longer to ensure you get the rest your mental and physical well-being need.


Test out whether green noise can benefit your sleep quality today. Use headphones or place your phone beside your pillow if you prefer to avoid gadgets in your ears while sleeping. Moreover, give yourself a couple of days to get used to the sound, then determine if your sleep quality improves.



If you feel that green noise is not helping you, try other soothing sounds like white, pink, or brown noise until you find the one that improves your sleep.