Strong, Powerful, and Wonder Woman.

Three words are likely regularly attributed to you by friends, family members, and work colleagues alike.

As accurate as this description is, even the most accomplished superwoman still needs to find time for self-care and relaxation to preserve their mental and physical health.

With this in mind, here are four activities to afford you a ten-minute’ me time’ break.

  1. Beginner’s Meditation

Not so long ago, yogic breathing and meditative techniques were mostly reserved for people classed as hippies and freethinkers, and nobody would ever imagine that, just a few years later, CEOs of billion-dollar companies would spend five minutes in a sun salutation.

There are many positive benefits to teaching yourself even a couple of basic meditation techniques, all of which you can enjoy in those few minutes you have.

Such benefits for you include:

  • A lower chance of developing cardiovascular disease
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Pain management
  • A boost to your levels of focus and concentration
  • A method of helping you to live in the moment and be at one with yourself
  • A chance to slow down and ‘smell the roses’
  • Anger management
  • A way to prevent burnout
  1. Beat Your High Score on an iPhone Game

Nowadays, there is no end to the number of activities you can complete on your mobile phone, with many people choosing to send a text message instead of using their phone for what it was initially intended: to make a call.


From novelty photo filter apps to addictive, offline games, your phone is an impressively small computer that allows you to hold the knowledge of the world in your fingers.

As well as the plethora of downloadable apps with which you can play a wide variety of games, if you are looking for a bit more excitement and thrill, you could consider registering for an online casino.

The renowned King Johnnie pokies (another word for slot machines) website possesses an impressive array of slot machines, video poker and roulette. So, if you fancy a little go on a play-for-real online casino, check it out!

  1. Sit in the Garden

Unless your local area is in the middle of a snowstorm, even if it is raining outside, there are many reasons why heading outside to the garden and backyard for ten minutes can benefit your mind and your body.


If you are someone who can never sit still and feel as if when you stop working hard in the middle of the day all of a sudden, you are unlikely to be able to regain motivation and momentum, instead of sitting down, you could get your hands dirty.

There is always a plant pot that needs sorting out or a hosepipe with a knot; choose a small and stress-free task in the garden for your ‘me time’ break and benefit from fresh air, clearer lungs, and a chance to breathe.

  1. Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Even if you are not what you would call a good painter or sketch artist, putting pen to paper in a different way to make a to-do list for the day ahead is a great way to connect with your inner child and release some pent-up stress.

Treat yourself to a fresh notepad and various coloring pencils, calligraphy pens, and even craft supplies, and every time you need a little break, head to your coffee table and start creating!